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Thailand: Composed Thai Grilled Beef Salad

In the enticing world of refreshing and flavorful summer salads, my favorite creations have been inspired by the seductive, sweet and salty flavors of Thailand. In the Thai language, according to Wikipedia, Thai Salad may be referred to as  “Yam”, often pronounced, “Yum”.  Yummy-yum-yum: An eloquent descriptor summing up the flavors of a well-executed Thai … Full recipe post »

Potato Salad, My Way.

I believe in choice, my choice of potato salad being no exception. This choice is gut-driven and deeply personal. My grandmother made a simple potato salad that accompanied her fried chicken and hickory nut cake to our family reunions in Selma. She made that same salad when a tragedy befell a friend, the bowl of love left quietly on their porch. My mother made the same salad that … Full recipe post »

Endive stuffed with Blue Cheese Chicken Salad

It’s wise not to underestimate chicken salad. Sure, it’s standard deli case fare, ingredients often minced, dressed in cloyingly sweet mayonnaise, then mounded into a slick plastic bowl. But chicken salad can be beautifully delicious, and has come to my rescue on many an occasion. Chicken salad understands me. It appreciates my gustatory needs, and … Full recipe post »

Greek Bow Tie Pasta Salad with Basil Ribbons

Congratulations graduating seniors! You’ve worked hard for this moment, and congratulations are also in order for the parents, teachers and general support system that have nurtured your success. The best graduation present I can give you would be a recipe suitable for a graduation party or congratulatory dinner. It’s a recipe almost as hardworking and … Full recipe post »

Farewell to Summer Salad: Cracked Wheat Salad with Seasonal Fruit

Taking care to practice what I preached in my last blog, I remain tasered into beans. (Been researching tasers for the current novel I’m writing. A cool word. It can be used as a noun: He’s running down Nine Mile, grab your taser!  A verb: You tasered the wrong guy, man! Even an adjective: His eyes, a knee-buckling shade of … Full recipe post »

Chopped Chicken Taco Salad with Chipotle-Corn Dressing

Congratulations soon-to-be graduates! In a few short weeks, University of Michigan and Eastern University seniors will be tossing their caps into the clouds, soon followed by local high schools grads. At this time of the year, I turn to recipes suitable for graduation parties —recipes as hard-working and deserving of accolades as these students. This … Full recipe post »

Donna’s Classic Caesar Salad

I’ve always assumed Caesar Salad was invented by an Italian chef honoring Julius Caesar and his famed Roman empire. History has it on March 15, 44 B.C. – about 2054 years ago – Caesar met his fate at the hands of his Senate. Volumes have been written and romanticized, often contradictory, regarding the precipitous murder … Full recipe post »

Canlis-inspired Creamy Lemony Tossed Salad with Bacon Croutons

I’m always on the lookout for exemplary tossed salad recipes and this one will surely rise to the top of the heap. It’s an especially handy recipe to have up your sleeve before the tender local greens start sprouting from the soil, which need little more than a tart, mustardy vinaigrette to complement their fresh … Full recipe post »

Egg Salad Sandwich

Pity the maligned iceberg lettuce. Especially at this time of year when everyone is celebrating the piquant and flavorful local greens at the market. But no other lettuce will do for a classic egg salad sandwich in my book. And since I’m out on a limb, I confess I prefer the dressing a combination of … Full recipe post »

A Tale of Potato Salad

Some folks at Irish Hills’ Sand Lake don’t take kindly to having their potato salad usurped by another at a family reunion. Ellen Dawson found out the hard way, and recounted her story to me over a bowl of (you guessed it) potato salad at her family’s last Fourth of July picnic. While slathering on sunblock and … Full recipe post »

Tomatoes Stuffed with Walnut-Chicken Salad

Summer’s hit a rhythm, marching in sync to John Philip Sousa, swaying to the beat of bad-boy blues at Top of the Park. We bemoan the heat, but treasure the endless July sky, especially at dusk when the air cools, darkness descends, and fireflies dance to their own music. Summer, at least for me, also brings … Full recipe post »

Make-ahead Party Pesto Pasta & Chicken Salad

Judging from the smells of tanning lotion and outdoor grilling in the early Spring air, many of us are feeling celebratory and hosting parties. If you’re one of the “lucky” entertainers in town, it’s easy to get into a dither over the menu. Some folks don’t like tofu, others shun meat. Many find the idea … Full recipe post »

Farro Adds a Toothsome Bite to this Savory Salad

Off the grid of late, spending every available minute, and every ounce of inspiration, on a book synopsis that had to be submitted last week. My two protagonists (female 31-year old first cousins) are of Polish descent, and Eastern European food has been on my mind. This salad is my daughter’s recipe and was inspired by my … Full recipe post »

My Big Fat (Super-Fast) Greek Salad

I made this shot-gun salad last Friday and it fed a crowd in no-time (w/several loaves of bread, plus store-bought pies.) Of course it’s a cinch to make your own Greek dressing: 1/3 cup lemon juice+1 cup extra virgin olive oil+garlic+herbs. But the Cindi’s Kitchen bottled Greek with Feta and Black Olive Salad Dressing looked enticing at Whole … Full recipe post »

Uptown Picnic Potato Salad

Happy Labor Day! We’re going to an all-day picnic, rain or shine, and I was instructed to bring a side salad. I couldn’t decide whether to bring a carb or veggie-based salad so I’m combining potatoes with green beans. I love my good old- fashioned mayonnaise-based potato salad with hard cooked eggs, but am concerned … Full recipe post »