Stuffed Fruits (tomatoes are a fruit) and Free Books!

This is a post I’ve been trying to complete for a week now–it’s felt frivolous posting about fruits and freebies when I’ve friends with unwanted lakes in their yards and no power )-: But normalcy is a condition of sanity so it’s back to the kitchen and writing for me.

First, I wanted any Kindle readers to have an opportunity to win one of 100 copies of THE WELCOME HOME DINER that my publisher is giving away on Goodreads.

If you’re not familiar, on this site you can add books to your personal bookshelves, rate and review books and get suggestions for future reading choices based on your reviews of previously read books. There is much, much more to Goodreads and it also offers users and easy, fun and free means to enter raffles, such as this: 

So book talk over and back to recipes. Here in Michigan, I’m still finding local peaches and plums  at the market.

Last week found me in the kitchen with my helper(?) stuffing peaches for a gluten-free friend,  just out of the hospital.

Baked Peaches with Savory Ground Turkey

Baked Peaches with Savory Ground Turkey

Some think peaches are best reserved for cobblers, jams and spooning over ice cream — or simply eaten out of hand. They’re also delicious stuffed with a savory. This recipe for Baked Stuffed Peaches with Savory Ground Turkey is gluten-free. If you prefer  your stuffing bonded together and don’t have gluten issues, stir a beaten egg into panko or breadcrumbs and add to the recipe.

Tomato stuffed with Cottage Cheese

Tomato stuffed with Cottage Cheese

We’re also drowning in off-the-vine tomatoes about now. Stuffing an heirloom tomato (and yes, tomatoes–like cucumber– are botanically a fruit) with one of my all-time favorite heirloom chicken salad recipes is a treat.  In the linked recipe I make it with tarragon, walnuts and homemade mayo (cover shot).

No time to fuss? Stir chives, cukes, additional chopped tomato (from your scoop) into cottage cheese and stuff ’em up.



The golden days of September, at least in Michigan, can be the most enchanting of the year, providing an abundance of beautiful produce. Let’s hope nature decides to show some mercy in other parts of the world.♥♥♥  



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Twenty days.

Twenty days. It’s been twenty days since my heart fisted with worry knowing that my son and several friends were about to be clobbered by Harvey. My people and their property were spared–but what about the others? Before even comprehending the extent of the fallout, along came Irma. And then the earthquake in Mexico City.

And here am I, each morning staring off into the placid waters and shoreline of Lake Michigan, and then going about my day-to-day feeling anxious, my heart remaining clenched. Wading through these feelings of helplessness, I can donate to the Red Cross. I can give blood. I can call my loved ones in Texas and in Florida. I can make comfort food. I can write. I can feel grateful for the science enabling forecasters to, at the very least, give warning.

For those of you who have been threatened by the paths of these tumultuous furies, know that you’re cradled in the collective hearts of the world♥♥♥.

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Favorite Burger Mark Bittman Cookbook Winner!!!

A couple of weeks back, I wrote about the naughty and nice of my favorite burgers. I asked YOU what your favorite burgers were. Here are the results:

Blue Cheese Burgers, et al: 5 Votes ♥ Shrimp Burgers: 4 ♥ Black Bean Burgers: 3 ♥ Lamb Burgers: 3 ♥ Turkey Burgers: 1 ♥ Chef Tom’s Skirt Burger 1 ♥ Burger w/Pineapple & Avocado: 1♥  Beef,Bacon & Cheddar Burger 2 ♥ Dearborn Onion and Cheese Burger 1♥ Bison Burger 1♥ Sis’s Grilled Burgers with Caramelized Onions 1 ♥Portobello Burger 1

I made a copy of the comments and blindly chose from the pile. And the WINNER of Mark Bittman’s HOW TO COOK EVERYTHING (his burger recipes, BTW, are amazing) is  the most eccentric burger in the group: THE ELVIS BURGER!!!

Nicki  Comment:
“As gross as it may sound my favorite burger is from a local burger place and it’s called the Elvis burger. It’s stuffed with peanut butter and bananas. It sounds so gross but it’s so yummy! The peanut butter just melts into the burger!!!! Yummy!!!”

Rock on! Nicki didn’t mention bacon in her comment, but I’m thinking if bacon were added to it as well, this burger would capture the enticing flavors of salty, sweet and savory. Thanks so much, Nicki. I’ll have to try this. Please respond to my e-mail and the cookbook will be on its way. And thanks to all of you who responded. This was fun for me, I learned a bit about burger palates and I thank all of you who responded! I’ll have more giveaways in the future, for sure.

OK. Sooner rather than later. I feel compelled to give another copy of the book away. The second one I picked is from Deborah:

“My favorite burger is a good juicy turkey burger!!”

Now this is a burger I’m familiar with (see the cover shot). And the recipe was inspired by Mark Bittman. Respond to my email and I’ll also send you a book!

Advance Digital Copies of THE WELCOME HOME DINER now available:

Last week I received the link for digital copies of THE WELCOME HOME DINER, which will be released by Lake Union on October 10. I sent the link to everyone who has previously requested a copy for review, but Mama Bear Peterson said she wanted an advance and I can’t locate your e-mail, Mama Bear! I know you enjoyed THE PROMISE KITCHEN so I’m anxious to send a copy your way!!!

Anyone else who’d like an advance, please sent me an


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