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Farewell to Summer Salad: Cracked Wheat Salad with Seasonal Fruit

Taking care to practice what I preached in my last blog, I remain tasered into beans. (Been researching tasers for the current novel I’m writing. A cool word. It can be used as a noun: He’s running down Nine Mile, grab your taser!  A verb: You tasered the wrong guy, man! Even an adjective: His eyes, a knee-buckling shade of … Full recipe post »

Moroccan Chicken, Chickpeas and Apricots

One could make the argument that this recipe is as authentic to Morocco as the film shoot location of the movie “Casablanca,” which was primarily filmed on the Warner Bros.’ Southern California lot. I didn’t use a tagine (clay pot) to make the recipe and I didn’t shop in a souk (Moroccan market) for my spices. I used instant … Full recipe post »