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Three Generations of Lampman Guys on a Fun Run

Three Generations of Lampman Guys on a Fun Run

Don’t misunderstand me. I love butter. I adore tempura oysters, and most anything that’s fried, come to think of it. I also love wine, bacon, mayonnaise and crème brûlée. And yes. I eat these favorites – and many more eyebrow raisers – not with guilt, but with moderation and good judgement. Can life embrace abandonment and balance when it comes to eating? I think so. More about my philosophy on nutrition…

I selected my favorite healthy recipes for you, Peggy’s Healthy Picks, because they are delicious, satisfying, nurturing, and don’t leave me hungry in an hour. (Note: if a recipe that serves 4 calls for a teaspoon of butter, which improves the flavor exponentially, I include the butter – damn the torpedos!).

Gluten Free

So many of my friends are allergic to gluten and have asked me for suitable recipes through the years. I’ve learned a great deal about gluten and the effects it has on particular body chemistries, but I hesitate to give advise regarding a subject I am not academically qualified to address. I asked a local dietician, Kathryn Mock, to mine my recipes and pluck some of the ones that best suited a gluten-free life-style.  Here is Kathryn’s story:

Hi! I’m Kathryn Mock, from the small town of Grand Haven located on the coast line of Lake Michigan.  I moved to Ann Arbor to complete my Dietetic Internship through the University Of Michigan School Of Public Health.  During the internship process I was able to work part time for a local business, Arbor Farms Market.  It was a wonderful experience and increased my exposure to gluten free products as well as vegan selections.

However, it was during my undergraduate studies at Michigan State University where I received my BS in Dietetics that I began experimenting with cooking and baking in order to create variations on recipes that could appeal to all diet types while keeping a high quality of flavor, texture, and appearance.  Aside from my strong background and interest in nutrition I spent three years working in the fitness industry, during this time I obtained my MBA online in order to expand my knowledge base regarding business and management.   I thoroughly enjoy educating others on ways to reach goals or overcome barriers they have regarding their own health and wellness in order to have a healthy relationship with food.

For more information regarding Kathryn, check out her website: kathrynjmock.com.