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Buckwheat Crepes with Goat Cheese, Wild Mushrooms & Watercress

Dining at Gratzi a couple of months ago, I ordered an appetizer off their seasonal menu: Crespella Grano Saraceno Con Funghi, which the menu described as, “A warm buckwheat crepe filled with roasted mushrooms and soft goat cheese, topped with arugula and tossed in a lemon vinaigrette, garnished with basil oil.” A most savory crepe, … Full recipe post »

Spinach-Rice-Nut Loaf with Red Wine-Shiitake Sauce

Does upscale dining, to you, necessitate a meaty protein commanding center stage? Make the following recipe and you may have second thoughts. As most vegetarians know, meatless dining need not be a ho-hum experience, even when eschewing the “butter makes everything better” trick. My pals Debbie and Dave Swartz are quite the wholesome — albeit picky — … Full recipe post »

Eggplant stuffed with Couscous and Feta

In the doldrums of wintry February — Farmers Markets finished, kitchen gardens put to sleep — it’s a gift to be inspired by a vegetable. I spied this chubby baby at Hiller’s, and she was begging to be cut in half and stuffed. Eggplant’s hearty skin makes the perfect encasement for stuffings, and I usually gravitate … Full recipe post »

Barley with Roasted Radishes and Tarragon Butter

Just returned home from an Up North retreat with girlfriends: camaraderie, cross-country skiing and wine tasting on Old Mission Peninsula were some of the highlights. Most of us are passionate cooks — some having made it our livelihoods — so we eschewed the great restaurants in the area, preferring to scratch-cook our dinners and enjoy … Full recipe post »

Cheesy Spinach-Lentil Casserole

Whew – limped over the 2012 finish line without permanent injury, but I can do better than a stagger. It’s a New Year; time to straighten up, return to the gym, and put a bounce back into my step – a sway into my swagger. How about you? Have you made any exercise or weight … Full recipe post »

Asian Cabbage Pancakes with Spicy Bean Dipping Sauce

This easy, healthy recipe will satisfy three or four appetites, any cravings for upscale Asian cuisine, and cost less than 5 bucks to make. Even less, as in my case, as I’ve yet to harvest my purple cabbages (albeit, a bit frozen at the core) resting happily in the backyard. Who says the Michigan vegetable gardening season is short … Full recipe post »

Insatiable Mac & Cheese

I’m a Gael Greene fan; I love her fashion sense (who wouldn’t admire that collection ofwide-brimmed hats) — and have always been interested in her food writing and restaurant critiques, especially since she was born and raised in Detroit, often mentioning the city in her work. Ms. Greene graduated from the University of Michigan and became … Full recipe post »

Cauldron Cauliflower-Chickpea Curry

What defines curry? It depends who you’re asking. To Jeffry Alford and Naomi Dugid, co-authors of the award-winning cookbook, Mangos and Curry Leaves, the definition of curry, as explained in their book, is “…The widely used generic English name for wet, sauced or spiced dishes from the Subcontinent. The origin of the word is in dispute… Although … Full recipe post »

Corn & Coconut Salad

The corn, the corn, we can’t escape the corn. But who’d want to? Corn, about now, is as good as it gets, and will vanish before you know it. I spend a great deal of shopping time in early Fall inspecting ears of corn at outdoor stands and in grocer’s bins. This one has fat yellow … Full recipe post »

Tomato-Zucchini Soup

I purchased a tiny tomato cookbook at a library sale last summer — I still prefer illustrated cookbooks to recipes I find online. I much prefer working from pulp than electronics; the recipes seem better tested. The author made a commitment to publishing, thus acknowledging the inability to make corrections at a later date. This book is … Full recipe post »

Corn & Tomato Farrosotto

Debbie Swartz is a wise person; I’m lucky she’s my friend. And — as all good and wise friends do — she helps me maintain a healthy perspective. If I bemoan, for instance, my inability to secure the button on the waistline of my favorite shorts after the previous night’s cherry pie pig-out, she cocks … Full recipe post »

Zucchini & Yellow Squash Gratin

If you’re new to gratins, they may become a good friend; especially in August, when there are so many gratin-friendly vegetables in season. And if you’re the type of cook who doesn’t like following recipes to the letter, bingo, because tomatoes (any variety), zucchini, eggplant, onions, leeks, fresh herbs and potatoes — all are wonderful mixed and … Full recipe post »

Tomato Curry with Potatoes and Beans

Summer struts a swagger; a flip-flopping insouciance suggesting that if it’s a hassle, why bother — as long as there’s iced tea and sandwich fixin’s in the fridge, who cares? Except when you’re shopping for produce, and recall the imports you’ll be sifting through in a few short months. Then, August’s booty cracks a whip … Full recipe post »

Tomato Bulgur Salad

What could be more satisfying on a sweltering summer day than a dish of tomato and whole grain salad liberally seasoned with a citrusy dressing and copious amount of fresh herbs. Nothing, I tell ‘ya, nothing. Certainly this recipe would be a welcome accompaniment to anything you put on the grill, but it stands alone with a crusty baguette … Full recipe post »

Roasted Poblano and Sweet Potato Enchiladas with Black Beans and Sweet Fruit Salsa

Tortillas may be one of the first items us “north of the border” folks think of when referring to Mexican food. The word means “little cake” and that’s what they are: a flat unleavened round of corn or wheat flour. Tortillas rival pasta in terms of popularity in America. Perhaps, like noodles, it’s because of their versatility; … Full recipe post »