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Crispy Nut-Crusted Walleye

Some of us have tricks for remembering things — association triggers, for example, to help remember people’s names, favorite books, or answers to possible questions on tests. I have developed tricks for remembering recipes. For example, when I’m craving pan-fried fish or chicken fillets, comfort foods that satisfy in the midst of winter doldrums, I … Full recipe post »

Lemony Salmon Fillet Wrapped in Chard

One of the favorite food sites to which I subscribe is Citron & Vanille — the recipes are always interesting and delicious, but sometimes the products are difficult to source, and the preparation can be extensive. Case in point, her recipe for Saumon en Feuilles de Blettes, Puree de Chou-fleur, Fondue de Legumes et Jus d’Estragon. I know … Full recipe post »

Curried Mussels with Coconut Milk and Lemongrass

Here’s a dish that requires minimal effort; a recipe of reprieve after a tedious week spent in preparation for Thanksgiving. But this is not a dull dish, mind you, for these coconut-curried infused mussels and clams are festive enough for ushering in the holiday season, which is – sigh – officially underway. Too weary to … Full recipe post »

Bluefish Grenobloise

Think seasonal food at this time of the year and grapes, apples, squash and cauliflower come to mind. But seafood has its seasons as well, and I’m kept up to snuff by following Monahan’s Fish Report, which for years has reminded me that now’s a good time to buy bluefish. If you haven’t tried bluefish, you’re in … Full recipe post »

Pan-Seared Salmon with Black-Eyed Pea Relish

I wish I could say I used fresh shucked black-eyed peas (oh so good), but I had a bag of frozen and can’t remember when I purchased them; time to clean house. If you can get your hands on some fresh black-eyed peas or crowder peas, use them instead. This turned out to be a delicious meal, and … Full recipe post »

Basil Pesto Shrimp and Pasta

Even the pickiest eaters, or those folks who steer clear of any dish that sounds “foreign”, enjoy this recipe. Perhaps because the name pesto has so morphed into American food nomenclature, some may not know it’s an Italian classic. Unfortunately much of what’s out there — little jars on grocery shelves, fast-food chains using the name to … Full recipe post »

Super-Quick Savory Salmon

Combining mayonnaise and Dijon mustard, then spreading the mixture over fish fillets prior to baking, is a simple recipe mom often made for us, way back in the prehistoric sixties. It remains a super-fast recipe I often turn to when I’ve little time to fuss. The mayonnaise she used was better than the one I used — … Full recipe post »

Baked Salmon with Toasted Walnuts and Mixed Green Salad

Here’s another healthy and easy to prepare recipe. The vinaigrette works overtime serving as a marinade for the salmon and a dressing for the greens. I choose the heady flavor of Fustini Walnut Oil, available in Kerrytown shops, and combined it with my favorite mustard for making vinaigrettes: Maille course or smooth Dijon. A bit … Full recipe post »

Grecian-Syled Fish baked in Parchment (en papillote)

“My recollection of fasting during The Great Lent  is abstinence of meat on Wednesday, being the day Judas made his bargain to betray Christ, and Friday, his crucifixion.” This is how Katherine Zikakis, a member of the Greek Orthodox Church, explained her Lenten traditions to her daughter Stephanie Teague, of Ann Arbor. “I want to … Full recipe post »

Linguini with Clam Sauce is a Rhapsody in Food

With the soul of the earth and scent of the sea, primal senses quicken when devouring a bowl of Linguini and Clam Sauce; few culinary classics, in fact, are such fun to eat. Spearing the mollusk and prying it from its shell, you thrust it into a tangle of pasta, twirling your fork to create … Full recipe post »

Steamboat Springs: Kathy’s “Thai One On” Cooking Party

I’m visiting a friend – Kathy Barker – in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, who I met at the water fountain when I was 12 years old. She was from New Orleans, the “new” girl at my Alabama junior high school, and scouting about the hall for friends. She overheard me yammering in a knot of girls … Full recipe post »

Dragon Tea Smoked Snapper in a Spicy Brown Bean Sauce

Happy New Year! This year Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dragon, is on Jan. 23, 2012. Unlike the Western calendar, which welcomes the New Year on Jan. 1, The Chinese New Year syncs with the lunar calendar, so their new year is celebrated in January or February, and not on the same day. … Full recipe post »

Baked Cod with Tomatoes and Herbs

Most people are moving too fast to cook slow. You know this, no revelation. What’s left of you after a not-enough-time-to-breathe workday collapses over a menu at the next swabbed table. Other evenings find you and your child studying for tomorrow’s test as the car idles, waiting for dinner to be handed through a drive-through window. … Full recipe post »

Hoisin-Orange Scallops over Rice Noodles & Edamame

At the advent of a New Year, I have the urge to organize and clean closets; out with the old, in with the new. I also feel compelled to use up half-filled condiments, those idle squatters taking up space in my refrigerator. This organizational urge dissipates as the year wears on, so I grab it by … Full recipe post »

Cioppino (Italian Fish Stew)

When it comes to enjoying Italian food, everybody’s Italian — or so I’ve heard. Cioppino, a tomato-wine based seafood soup, was – according to various websites – made famous by Italian immigrants in San Francisco over 150 years ago, and served Christmas Eve. There are many reasons I’ve incorporated this divine concoction into my own holiday … Full recipe post »