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Savory Lamb Skewers inspired by Binghamton Speidies

My husband, Richard, and I occasionally visit his relatives in the Binghamton, N.Y., area. I’m fascinated by the way one particular sandwich – the spiedie – has such a strong presence in the city. Restaurants, delis and diners have created thriving businesses off of these marinated, grilled meat sandwiches, bags of bread for spiedies, and spiedie bottled marinades. Everywhere … Full recipe post »

Fresh Mozzarella, Tomatoes and Pesto Sandwich

I’m not sure exactly what round of bread I purchased from Cafe Japon at the farmers market, but it is wonderful. I believe she said it was a whole wheat sourdough (it tastes as such), and the flavor, crust and chew is divine. I saved a couple of center pieces to make one big panini sandwich; large … Full recipe post »

Grilled Blueberry Bison Burgers

It’s interesting to contemplate those life-defining moments that may have influenced one’s destiny: Falling in love, having a child, receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. Sinking my teeth into a hamburger was one of my life-defining moments. I was a junior at Michigan; potential career directions were like arrows pointing every which way, including backwards. I … Full recipe post »


My favorite part about St. Patty’s Day is the leftover corned beef. On Friday I made a classic New England favorite, Red Flannel Hash, and throughout the weekend we’ve been grilling reubens with the remainder of the corned beef. The following recipe can be switched around if desired. According to Wikipedia, there is a Rachel … Full recipe post »

Beefy Super Bowl Sliders with Pimento Cheese

Letter to Rachel Ray Dear Rach: I don’t care what Anthony Bourdain says about you; you’re brilliant! I was brainstorming a recipe to enhance remote-driven activities for Super Bowl Sunday, and the Pimento-Cheese Sliders I saw in the Rachel Ray December Magazine was just the inspiration I needed. I switched it up, however; Pimento Cheese … Full recipe post »

Holiday Leftover Turkey Sandwich

The ziplock bag of turkey scraps is almost empty, just enough leftovers for one hefty turkey sandwich. I have a secret weapon that, to my palate, makes an exceptional turkey sandwich. The particular arsenal I prefer using is Honeycup Mustard, the “uniquely sharp” Canadian condiment. I’ve tried many honey mustards on leftover roast turkey sandwiches — … Full recipe post »

Blue Cheese Burgers

In case it slipped by you, the first Michigan game of the season is today at 3:30. Richard and I have our usual seats at the 10 yard line, 76 rows up. He’s anxious, I’m excited. Although Coach Rodriguez is said to have a better team and competencies in place this year, Richard is anxious … Full recipe post »

Pimento Cheese

One of Mom’s staples was a pimento cheese sandwich. And like a little black dress, she would dress it up or down depending on the social occasion. When friends came for bridge, she’d cut the bread into circles, spread pimento cheese on a bread round, and top it with another bread round. Then, she’d skewer … Full recipe post »

My Favorite Turkey Burger

I’d never refer to “My Favorite ” anything unless it’s the truth (although you’d never hear me tell anyone about My Favorite Child or My Favorite Friend, even if it were the truth). But this is truly my favorite turkey burger recipe. I have another great turkey burger recipe that incorporates olives, sun-dried tomatoes and … Full recipe post »

Beef Tostadas with Roasted Tomatoes

Today is Cinco de Mayo! Break out the tequila, blast some mariachi music, bust open a pinata! We’ve Americanized this Mexican holiday to suit our American tastes (see last Thursday’s Easy Chicken Mole blog for Cinco de Mayo fact vs. fiction), but what the heck. It’s a great excuse for a party! The late great Zanzibar restaurant … Full recipe post »

Half and Half Po’ boy Sandwich

America has a blushingly unapologetic love affair with The Sandwich. The Sandwich is especially suited to our national temperament and accommodates our multitasking lifestyle, easily held in one hand while the other hand performs a variety of tasks. The Sandwich is egalitarian and, with it’s populist nature, may be customized, or dressed, to suit individual … Full recipe post »

Muffaletta (New Orleans Olive and Meat Sandwich)

When traveling with friends and family, experience has taught me to have the group sign off on a “book of rules” before making travel arrangements. We must agree that no offense be taken for those of us who want to “do our own thing”. My “own thing” often involves myopic food quests which may be … Full recipe post »

Meatloaf Sandwich

Are you reading this blog while contemplating what to have for lunch? You wouldn’t be wondering if you made meatloaf for last night’s dinner!  I often make meatloaf expressly for meatloaf sandwiches.  They epitomize comfort food and are just right for a brown-bag lunch in February. Making meatloaf sandwiches, for me, generally includes purchasing a loaf of … Full recipe post »

Grilled Portabella, Eggplant and Goat Cheese Sandwich

Detox Resolution Recipe Series: Using whole grains, vegetables, lean meats and healthier fats in recipes you may find taste really good! One of the great vegetarian flavor profiles, to my palate, is the combination of eggplant, portabella mushrooms, goat cheese and fresh basil. This combo is delicious stacked in a timbale, decorating a pizza, served up in … Full recipe post »

Masala Flank Steak in Tandoori Wrap

This is not a traditional tailgate sandwich. But I wanted a change from burgers and kielbasa today and this could be the most delicious sandwich, tailgate or no tailgate, I’ve tasted in recent memory. Ingredient lists on Indian recipes are not known for their brevity, so I relied on top quality condiments and ready-mades to … Full recipe post »