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Instant Pot Classic Marinara and Her Distant Cousins (a no-recipe recipe)

My kids gave me an Instant Pot for Mother’s Day. Both passionate cooks, they told me they couldn’t imagine life without the contraption. But, to be honest, I rolled my eyes when opening the box—the last thing I need is another kitchen gadget cluttering my counters. That’s until I spied a yogurt button on the panel. I can make … Full recipe post »

Clay Pot Chicken, Rice and Lentils

Update: 1 cup of wild rice and 1 cup of farro both cook at the same time (as long as they’re not quick cook) and work great as a base for the chicken in this recipe, too. This morning we woke up to the first real snow of the year––good thing I’d purchased a chicken. … Full recipe post »

New Orleans: Hey Y’all, it’s Carnival–Laissez Le Bons Temps Roulé!

Whether you’re buried in 10 feet of snow, or basking in more winter favorable climes, February is a great time to inject a bit of heat–New Orleans style– into your kitchen. Here for my niece’s wedding, we’re  spending a week in the Garden District, VRBOing a home built in the 1850’s with a front porch … Full recipe post »

Tricked-Out Ramen for Beat-Back Souls

A bleak, rainy day in April finds me hungry, deliriously jet-lagged, and loathe to venture far to replenish our larder. We’ve been roaming the bottom of the earth for several weeks, and have returned to the remnants of Michigan’s most ruthless of winters – snarly friends and pitted piles of sooted, melting ice lie in … Full recipe post »

Cheesy Spinach-Lentil Casserole

Whew – limped over the 2012 finish line without permanent injury, but I can do better than a stagger. It’s a New Year; time to straighten up, return to the gym, and put a bounce back into my step – a sway into my swagger. How about you? Have you made any exercise or weight … Full recipe post »

Clay Pot Chicken & Rice

“You call yourself a food writer and have never cooked in clay?” JC was teasing me, but I felt heat rising up my neck, and it wasn’t from a hot oven. (Which brings me to the holy grail of earthenware cookery: Never put a clay pot in a preheated oven; it may crack.) “When you’re … Full recipe post »

Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore with Al Dente Pappardelle

Here’s an “I’ll taste even better tomorrow” recipe that will set your teeth on edge today. And if you pair it with Al Dente’s latest creation, their toothsome Garlic Herb wide noodle pasta, I’m guaranteeing you’ll leave the table one happy camper. A warning: Just because it’s a slow cooker recipe doesn’t mean it will only take … Full recipe post »

Baby Bok Choy in Oyster Sauce

Here’s a healthy, vegetarian recipe to usher in the Chinese New Year on Monday. When I’m craving food with a lighter touch, I often turn to braising or steaming. I didn’t use so much as a drop of oil when making tonight’s dinner. I used carrots in the recipe because, basically, I have them to … Full recipe post »

Chicken Stir-fry with Shiitakes and Broccolini

I’m calling for a time-out. Whew. I can barely snap my jeans after the exigencies of last week. A couple of hours at the gym and a lightened up stir-fry is on the docket for today. This is a recipe drenched in flavor, not fat. It’s also a recipe that can be adapted to any … Full recipe post »

Greek Lemon Chicken with Potatoes and Dill

Crock-Pot (slow cooker) recipes must be the most abused recipe category on the web. Therefore, one of my goals this winter is to sift through the muck and pluck out the tastiest recipes for this time-saving kitchen appliance I can locate. Problem is, some of the best looking recipes are fairly complex. The idea when … Full recipe post »

Lamb and Lentil Soup with Tuscan Kale

I’ve made variations on this  soup in past blogs, but this recipe will be even better because I have (trumpet fanfare)…a meaty lamb bone to make the stock. Last week I made a boneless leg of lamb in puff pastry and asked the butcher to save the bone for me after he boned it. To … Full recipe post »

Caldo Verde (Portuguese Potato and Kale Soup)

Lest you be reminded, this Monday is the cruelest of days — April 18, tax day — time to shore-up your dollars and cents; time to organize the deductibles, scrambling to save every blessed last dime; but there he is, knocking at the door, there’s no place to hide — it’s time to feed the … Full recipe post »

Corned Beef and Cabbage with Horseradish-Watercress Dressing

(another idea for St.Patty’s Day: Irish Stew with Lamb and Stout) Last week, I put away my Mardi Gras beads, and debated which bacchanalian habit I could cast aside for the Lenten season. A friend of mine is eschewing butter. Heck, butter’s not bad, butter’s good. Perhaps that second glass of wine with dinner. The … Full recipe post »

Tofu Hot Pot

I’ve got it — my next get-rich-quick scheme! I’ll make bazilions off my new and improved patented Hot Pot soups; soups guaranteed to melt the pounds off one’s body — soups that puts those cabbage diet soup remedies to shame. Kimchi is pickled napa cabbage, and it’s a workhorse in this recipe, lending a wonderful sour, … Full recipe post »

Eight-Treasure Fried Rice

Mark your calendars; Chinese New Year,The Year of the Rabbit, officially begins next week, Feb. 3. According to the website Chinese Zodiac/Rabbit, people born in the Year of the Rabbit (1915, 1927, 1939, 1951,1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011)are articulate, talented and ambitious. Rabbit people are also virtuous, reserved and have excellent taste. I have several … Full recipe post »