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Caribou Tenderloin

I hesitate writing a recipe that would require a trip to the Arctic Circle to purchase (or hunt down) the main ingredient, but here you have it. Besides, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bob Sparrow (Sparrow Meats in Kerrytown) could get you a caribou tenderloin if you wanted one. Our friend, Jack, went hunting with friends on … Full recipe post »

Braised Rabbit with Bacon, Prunes and Pearl Onions

Serving rabbit to some guests might make them squeamish, the unindoctrinated informing you they recently began a vegetarian diet. (By recently, they mean after they gobbled down the beef tenderloin canape appetizers you served a few minutes prior.) I remember the first time I was served rabbit. I was a foreign exchange student my sophomore year in … Full recipe post »

Rabbit & Pork Belly Terrine with Roasted Pomegranate Cippolines & Grapes

It may be early week but I’m thinking of two parties coming up at week’s end; I’ve promised to bring appetizers to both. These are serious food loving folks; the kind of people who chew their food slowly, with intensity, deliberating if the subtle notes of juniper complement the tannins in the wine. I’m sweating … Full recipe post »

Apricot-Mustard Braised Grouse

One of the highlights of Autumn, for me, is a dinner of fresh game birds accompanied by wild rice and roasted sweet potatoes. My grandfather was a hunter and, growing up, I regularly feasted on game birds.  We were admonished to chew the meat slowly, thus avoiding pellets. That fear of chipping a tooth was … Full recipe post »

Grilled Duck with Cherry Sauce

I’d guess most states in America have several sources of mouth-watering, municipal pride – a local food lover’s destination, perhaps, or culinary product the citizenry reference with great passion. In one state, for instance, the locals may point you in the direction of a barbecue joint, and tell you their pulled pork sandwich was voted … Full recipe post »

Bahamas: Curried Goat and Sweet Potatoes

It’s Spring Break–Travel the World with this savory Curried Goat! Ever tried goat? If you enjoy lamb, you will more than likely love goat. I don’t know why it’s not more popular in this country, it certainly is a staple in other cultures around the world. If Spring Break travels, for example, find you in … Full recipe post »

Venison Stroganoff

Prior to this weekend, I’ve  never eaten, much less cooked with, venison. I’ve had the opportunity but have  turned my cheek, with a curious unfounded distaste. Strange, because I am, after  all, an omnivore, reasoning my position on the food chain with moderated  gusto. I try to purchase meat consciously, mindful of how  the animal … Full recipe post »

Braised Rabbit and Winter Vegetables

Was it Peter Cottontail or Bugs Bunny that turned so many American’s off to eating rabbit? We certainly don’t feel that way about chicken. In Italy and France, however, rabbit is happily consumed as often as chicken, without hesitation. The first time I tried rabbit, was as an exchange student living with a family in … Full recipe post »

Duck Breasts with Raspberry Sauce

“If music be the food of love, play on!” This famous Shakespearean quote, according to the Phrase Meaning website, refers to Orsini requesting an excess of music to sate his obsession with love, much in the way food satisfies one’s appetite. On Valentine’s Day, my husband and I bathe in excessive amounts of both food and music. … Full recipe post »

Bricked Cornish Game Hens with Curry Sauce

This is it. Today. The Big One. The University of Michigan and notredame (oops–typo!) are battling it out today at 3:30. Richard doesn’t need to tell me that this will probably be the game to dictate how the season may go. But he is telling me…again…and again…and again! I understand he’s excited but the season … Full recipe post »