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Turkey Quinoa Soup

You may be reading this after having completed the annual Turkey Trot in Ann Arbor or Detroit. (For those unfamiliar with this particular 5 or 10K run, it’s held every Thanksgiving— in Detroit, prior to the Thanksgiving Day Parade.) Pat yourself on the back; you deserve another piece of pie. More than likely, however, your race course has … Full recipe post »

Tomato-Zucchini Soup

I purchased a tiny tomato cookbook at a library sale last summer — I still prefer illustrated cookbooks to recipes I find online. I much prefer working from pulp than electronics; the recipes seem better tested. The author made a commitment to publishing, thus acknowledging the inability to make corrections at a later date. This book is … Full recipe post »

Chilled Pea and Lettuce Soup with Fresh Herbs

I present to you a Pea and Lettuce Soup, inspired by kitchen gardens, a stroll through the farmers market, and a recipe I found online. This is the perfect soup for early June, when the season’s last lettuces are harvested, herbs need pinching back and summer peas hold promise on the vine. Adaptability is one of … Full recipe post »

Fresh Asparagus Soup with Herb Croutons

When local asparagus are filling tables and bins at the Farmers Market, here’s one of my favorite spring soups to make: an abstract painting in a bowl. If you’ve time, make a homemade stock with the lower ends of the asparagus and the leek or scallion greens. Simply chop them up, combine with chopped carrot, … Full recipe post »

Brunswick Stewart (I finally found the recipe!)

Brunswick Stew is classic Southern fare, the origins of the sturdy soup contested feverishly in the South. Did the recipe originate in Brunswick County, Va., Brunswick County, N.C. or Brunswick, Ga.? Loyal to our next-door neighbor state, my Alabama mother was certain its naissance was Brunswick, Ga., and she made Brunswick Stew often when I was a … Full recipe post »

Scarola e Fagiole: White Bean and Escarole Soup with Homemade Pancetta

“Yumm… greens and beans,” said our buddy Joe Spallina, inhaling the simmering pork and rosemary in my version of Scarola e Fagiole, a thick, aromatic soup of escarole and white beans. Joe is a technology wizard and pays my husband, Richard, and I an occasional visit, bestowing lessons and imparting kernels of wisdom to assuage our computer-challenged … Full recipe post »

Beef Stewed in Wine with Bacon and Aromatics

I agonized over the title of this recipe. The end result is a Beef Stew, but that sounds so pedestrian. And it’s so delicious — shouldn’t I give it a fancier name than that? After all, the ingredients were adapted from the venerable Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon recipe that begins on page 271 of her 1968 … Full recipe post »

Cioppino (Italian Fish Stew)

When it comes to enjoying Italian food, everybody’s Italian — or so I’ve heard. Cioppino, a tomato-wine based seafood soup, was – according to various websites – made famous by Italian immigrants in San Francisco over 150 years ago, and served Christmas Eve. There are many reasons I’ve incorporated this divine concoction into my own holiday … Full recipe post »

Carrot Soup with Thai Flavors

Hey readers. It’s me — Peggy. I feel so alone. Like I’m penning scriptures to roll into a bottle, then cast into the ocean for some lonely heart to read. Could that lonely heart be you? Are you actually out there reading — gasp — a food blog? And after the exigencies of Thanksgiving, no less. Don’t … Full recipe post »

Harvest Chili

October sun slants low, gradations of gold lie warped, creeping across the kitchen. I venture outside and revel in late afternoon’s warmth spreading across my back. Sleeveless, inhaling the musk of decaying leaves racked into piles, I cling to the heat of an Indian Summer day. But the squash know better. In markets and gardens … Full recipe post »

Watermelon-Pomegranate Soup with Mint and Feta

Swollen with the promise of endless days, if summer were a fruit, it would be a watermelon, which seems to yield an infinity of pieces, and then — as the season itself — vanishes. Before air-conditioning transformed how we cope with summer’s heat, there was watermelon. Mark Twain described watermelon as, “…chief of this world’s … Full recipe post »

Mix and Match Gazpacho

Grilled Vegetable Gazpacho, Tropical Fruit Gazpacho, Green Herb Gazpacho, Red Tomato Gazpacho, White Almond Gazpacho, Chunky Cherry Gazpacho, Smooth Gazpacho — will the Original Gazpacho please step forward and show some ID? Hm, a passport of Spanish origin; the name reading “White Almond Gazpacho.” The case is closed. This Antonio Banderas of the cold soup world … Full recipe post »

Lamb and Lentil Soup with Tuscan Kale

I’ve made variations on this  soup in past blogs, but this recipe will be even better because I have (trumpet fanfare)…a meaty lamb bone to make the stock. Last week I made a boneless leg of lamb in puff pastry and asked the butcher to save the bone for me after he boned it. To … Full recipe post »

Caldo Verde (Portuguese Potato and Kale Soup)

Lest you be reminded, this Monday is the cruelest of days — April 18, tax day — time to shore-up your dollars and cents; time to organize the deductibles, scrambling to save every blessed last dime; but there he is, knocking at the door, there’s no place to hide — it’s time to feed the … Full recipe post »

Thai Green Curry Shrimp and Broccoli Soup

My brother says the best cure for a hangover is to have another drink — known in some circles as indulging in “the hair of the dog that bit you.” A Bloody Mary loaded with Tabasco and horseradish is his tonic of choice. A close friend advised me that her cure for a broken heart … Full recipe post »