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Potato-Corn Chowder with Sausage

Low-fat, easily thrown together soups can easily be created with ingredients picked up at roadside stands. I didn’t add cream or add flour-butter roux to thicken this batch; the fresh flavor of September corn and thickening power of lightly smashed potatoes was plenty satisfying. As well, these freshly dug, thin-skinned white potatoes did not need … Full recipe post »

Frogmore Stew

Scooped again from the pages of Runner’s World magazine, my ongoing monthly copycat recipe is a winner. (To see other Runner’s World, healthy recipes, go to dinnerFeed.comand type ‘Runner’s World’ into the search box.) Tonight’s dinnerFeed features Pam Anderson’s recipe from the September issue of Runner’s World. I was delighted to see this recipe, named … Full recipe post »

Tomato-Basil Soup (reduced fat)

My sister-in-law, Susanne, can always be counted on for making food that everyone loves. I’m amused when she tells me her favorite culinary trick: “When in doubt, add more butter!” How true: Butter tastes good and adding more butter to a recipe makes it, often, taste better. I’ve cooked professionally long enough to know that … Full recipe post »

Seriously Simple Black Bean Soup

Brrr … it’s close to the middle of May but the chill factor says otherwise. A reader commented on a black bean soup recipe that was quick and easy to make. I’m behind the 8-ball today so home-cooked, yet simple to make, is a necessity. I can’t locate his recipe but I think this may … Full recipe post »

Carrot-Ginger Soup with Tamari Almonds

As the seasons change from winter to spring, a transition recipe, such as Carrot Soup, is good to have up your sleeve. This subtly sweet and velvety soup is wonderful served hot or cold, depending on whether you want to warm up or cool down, according to the erratic temperatures of the season. Variations on … Full recipe post »

Bahamas: Chicken Souse

Some folks think the best cure for a hangover is to have another drink – this further indulgence is sometimes referred to as “the hair of the dog that bit you.” Richard, my uber-health-conscious husband, is quite concerned by that rational – indeed, concerned by behavior that would give one a bad hangover in the … Full recipe post »

Borscht (Beet Soup)

Tonight Richard and I are planning to watch a favorite movie classic, “Dr. Zhivago”, and I wanted some treats to complement the movie. We’re looking for comfort to get us through another wintry March evening and a bottle of Stolichnaya Pepper Vodka is tempting. Yet thrashing back shots of vodka doesn’t seem a wise idea, … Full recipe post »

Spanish Tomato Soup

So many soups we especially enjoy through the winter are laden with fat, which is used to thicken the broth. These butter-flour roux and heavy creams yield delicious, rich soups which are, unfortunately, calorically dense. On a cold wintry day, they may be heart-warming but they are not heart-smart! Potatoes can also be used as … Full recipe post »

Gumbo Ya Ya

Gumbo isn’t so much a recipe as it is a state of mind, complete with secret language and poetic license. “Gumbo” connotes one-too-many hurricanes. One, a cloud-funneled storm, the other, a rum-based drink experienced in a feverish pitch of shiny beads and parades. “Gumbo Ya-Ya” recalls chattering women cooking in the French Quarter. The “Experience New … Full recipe post »

Smokey Quinoa Chili

Detox Resolution Recipe Series: Using whole grains, vegetables, lean meats and healthier fats in recipes you may find taste really good! It’s chili-season and I’m chili-hungry. I’ve got a knock-your-socks-off recipe for chili, inspired by an Eden recipe, that will not only nourish your body, but it will funnel money back into our state’s economy. The catch is … Full recipe post »

Mediterranean Chicken Stew

Why do I prefer boneless, skinless chicken thighs to breasts? Let me count the ways: 1. Thighs are less expensive than chicken breasts. 2. Thighs (to my palate) are more flavorful than chicken breasts. 3. Thighs are more difficult to overcook than chicken breasts. I know most folks disagree with my assessment and they do … Full recipe post »

Korean Hot Pot

Some tightly wound, ancient DNA thread must still exist in humankind, beckoning and weaving us together around a simmering, communal pot of soup; especially in winter. And when a tribal, family member or friend ventures forth tossing a new ingredient into this fragrant brew, it’s a reminder that in these cold, frigid months, we’re not … Full recipe post »

Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

Detox Resolution Recipe Series: Using whole grains, vegetables, lean meats and healthier fats in recipes that you may find taste really good! My friend Kathy is visiting from Colorado and  came down with a miserable cold. Thankfully the symptoms aren’t alarming enough to warrant drugs, so  I’m reverting to the age-old restorative cure: Chicken Noodle … Full recipe post »

Oyster Stew

Merry Christmas! I should be celebrating but, sadly, I’m writing this recipe with trepidation. In our family, tradition has it that Christmas breakfast is synonymous with Oyster Stew and Sausage Biscuits. This breakfast has been enjoyed by my mother’s side of the family since their boat ride from Belfast in the late 1700’s. So it’s … Full recipe post »

Sherried Shrimp Bisque

Christmas Eve Dinner: 48 hour Countdown: Make Shrimp Bisque Thumbing through cooking magazines is amusing  bedtime reading material, especially at this time of the year. “Ho-Ho-Ho: Who are you kidding?”, I mumble, scrutinizing ambitious holiday menus that, supposedly, can be pulled off within the span of several hours. Does the cook get to eat? The only … Full recipe post »