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Steak Diane

Honoring Mother’s Day this Sunday, I made a dish worthy of the goddesses, specifically Diana, the ancient Roman goddess of the hunt, who inspired the name of the luxurious Sauce Diane. The history of Sauce Diane wasn’t consecrated during the James Beard-Julia Child, swanky New York City steak house era, as often supposed. One might … Full recipe post »

Asparagus Bread Pudding

Some of you may have your Easter day menu and to-do list organized on a spread sheet. You set your table yesterday, and fresh polished silver gleams atop ironed linen napkins, which coordinate stylishly with your china and the fresh flower centerpiece you will arrange on Saturday. I admire your efficiency, and looking about my … Full recipe post »

Perfectly Cooked Artichoke

I’m grilling flank steaks — nothing fancy, but I had to think ahead and marinate them overnight. The artichokes are looking quite tempting in area groceries, and when I make artichokes, I also plan ahead. The following recipe is a bit quirky; I’ve never seen or heard of anyone preparing them like this, but it is … Full recipe post »

Chopped Chicken Taco Salad with Chipotle-Corn Dressing

Congratulations soon-to-be graduates! In a few short weeks, University of Michigan and Eastern University seniors will be tossing their caps into the clouds, soon followed by local high schools grads. At this time of the year, I turn to recipes suitable for graduation parties —recipes as hard-working and deserving of accolades as these students. This … Full recipe post »

Soft Shell Crab Salad

The soft-shelled crabs I just enjoyed were courtesy of the Chesapeake Bay. Soft-shelled crabs also may come to us Michiganders from Floridian waters, depending on the vagrancies of habitat and water temperature. Soft-shell crabs are not a crab species, but distinguish themselves because of their development process. When the crabs outgrow their shell, the delectable crustaceans … Full recipe post »

Fiddlehead ferns, morels and asparagus gratin

I had my first taste of morels last week using morels I found in the woods, and the Chicken and Morel recipe I made merely whetted my appetite. I’m consumed with my next morel fix, but this past weekend’s hunt proved fruitless. I’m a desperate woman; I can still smell their muskiness on my hands. My hunt … Full recipe post »

Chicken and Morels over Wild Mushroom Fettucine

Come mid-May, my palate stings for the woodsy taste and inimitable bite of freshly picked Michigan morels. This wizened druid of a fungi has an elusive flavor, hinting of forest, earth and rain. It’s a flavor that will, sadly, vanish if carelessly handled. Every May, hordes of Michiganders head for the forest, especially after a … Full recipe post »

Ravioli with Spring Vegetables in Pesto-Cream Sauce

This particular recipe was inspired by a Betty Crocker “Easy Vegetarian” recipe I discovered on a blog. The combination of ingredients sounds perfect for a back-to-work night spring evening. I added a cooked diced artichoke heart, which are so lovely at this time of the year. To lighten up, substitute strained, plain yogurt for the sour cream. … Full recipe post »

Waffles with Warm Strawberry Compote

Happy Mother’s Day! I recently blogged about the interesting chain of events leading up to the creation of Mother’s Day as a national holiday. My recipe was composed of “Super Foods” for “Super Moms,” and if you’re interested in a deliciously healthy grilled salmon and edamame salad, click here. Today’s recipe is a bit more conventional … Full recipe post »

Cheese Omelet with Spring Herbs

According to, “…when Napoleon and his army were traveling through the south of France they decided to rest for the night near the town of Bessieres.Napoleon feasted on an omelet prepared by a local innkeeper that was such a culinary delight that Napoleon ordered the townspeople to gather all the eggs in the village and … Full recipe post »

Chicken Mole (the easy way)

Cinco de Mayo (the May 5th regional Mexican holiday) is celebrated next Wednesday and it’s the perfect opportunity for retailers to promote their Mexican line of products, particularly anything having to do with guacamole, salsa and chips. (Take advantage of those related sales!) It’s also a great excuse to sip tequila and catch up with … Full recipe post »

Asparagus Salad with Caesar Dressing

Ever since I procured my  friend, Donna’s,  secret Caesar Salad dressing, I can’t get enough! I try to keep a jar of this homemade Caesar Salad dressing in my fridge at all times. It keeps well and make a  fantastic marinade for chicken, fish and vegetables. The dressing can be substituted with freshly squeezed lemon … Full recipe post »

Curried Creamed Eggs with Asparagus

Happy Easter! As much a  tradition as dying Easter eggs is for us, making Curried Creamed Eggs with leftover eggs for Easter breakfast is even better! My mom made this dish every Easter morning with the addition of bottled chipped beef. Fifties food, no doubt, and your family may have a similar tradition. I break … Full recipe post »

Roast Lemon Yogurt Lamb

Spring coincides with Easter, both occasions often celebrated around the table. For me, Mediterranean-inspired dishes, pencil-thin asparagus and roast lamb herald the advent of both occasions. Lamb lovers are fond of debating which area of the world produces the best lamb. California, Colorado, Vermont, perhaps? Australia and New Zealand are also contenders for the coveted … Full recipe post »

Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus with Crumbled Blue Cheese

It is considered within the  realms of “proper etiquette” to eat asparagus with one’s fingers. I  consulted with “Miss Manners”, whom I consider the authority on matters such as this. According to the web site ““,  Miss Manners answers the burning question…: “Dear Miss Manners, What is the correct way to  eat whole cooked asparagus spears? … Full recipe post »