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Lucca, Italy: Pasta with Roasted Chestnuts, Bacon & Fried Sage Leaves

Several months ago my long-time pal, Mara, told me she was leasing out her home in the fall, and simultaneously renting an apartment for herself and 13-year old twin daughters in Lucca, Italy. As long as she’s access to WIFI, she can conduct her business anywhere, so why not take advantage of our flattened world. … Full recipe post »

Caribou Tenderloin

I hesitate writing a recipe that would require a trip to the Arctic Circle to purchase (or hunt down) the main ingredient, but here you have it. Besides, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bob Sparrow (Sparrow Meats in Kerrytown) could get you a caribou tenderloin if you wanted one. Our friend, Jack, went hunting with friends on … Full recipe post »

Mashed Boo-tatoes and Turnips

Looking for a little something festive to make for Halloween that doesn’t involve much work? Leave it to Martha Stewart, I knew she’d have a trick and treat up her sleeve. This recipe didn’t make it to her Halloween Handbook Special Collector’s Edition (which is fabulous), but the recipe is a cinch to make. I saw the picture on-line on the Martha … Full recipe post »

Katherine’s Tailgate Torta

Why did I seek out Katherine Farrell’s advise on creating the ultimate, make-ahead tailgate dish, and sharing her recipe, plus tips for scoring a touchdown at your next tailgate party? Because her company, Katherine’s Catering, has catered scores of the University of Michigan president’s tailgates since the 80‘s; has a devoted group of regular tailgaters who use her … Full recipe post »

Braised Rabbit with Bacon, Prunes and Pearl Onions

Serving rabbit to some guests might make them squeamish, the unindoctrinated informing you they recently began a vegetarian diet. (By recently, they mean after they gobbled down the beef tenderloin canape appetizers you served a few minutes prior.) I remember the first time I was served rabbit. I was a foreign exchange student my sophomore year in … Full recipe post »

Roasted Curried Cauliflower Salad with Grapes and Almonds

A friend of mine (who prefers anonymity) recently gave me a copy of this recipe, which she enjoyed. It looked healthy, fresh and flavor-packed – a wonderful complement to the weather we’re having. She said the ingredients seemed strange together so she thought of me… (strange – me?!) I modified the recipe, removing capers, substituting … Full recipe post »

Beer-Braised Pork Loin Roast with and Apple-Kraut

The past decade in America has witnessed a food culture smitten with anything to do with the pig, with locavore enthusiasts staging snout to tail dinners and bacon being infused into everything from ice cream to bourbon. Ann Arbor could rightly be named capital of this pork-centric nation; local business owners priding themselves on offering … Full recipe post »

The Pig’s Punch – a perfect holiday cocktail to serve with pork.

Here’s a drink to whet your whistle from Lucy Carnaghi, a bartender at Zingerman’s Roadhouse. Some folks think a family is lucky if it includes a doctor or lawyer in the brood. Maybe so, but I feel lucky that my son’s dating Lucy, who made this special drink to kick off our holiday festivities. “I … Full recipe post »

My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

  Happy Thanksgiving! My regular dinnerFeeds may be found beneath this post, but most of us are in Thanksgiving mode about now. I recently updated this site with a Holiday Cookbook, which you will find by clicking the Gold Holiday Ball icon to the right of the turkey feathers. “Super-Simple” recipes and a menu slide … Full recipe post »

Sautéed Chard with Bacon, Walnuts and Shallots

I thought I’d hit every base when it came to recipes for Thanksgiving. Apparently not. My son asked to make sure I included some version of sautéed greens, so I came up with this. It always surprises me how such a big bunch of greens can yield just a small amount of cooked vegetables; I … Full recipe post »

Baked Apples stuffed with Orange-Scented Sweet Potatoes

Life is complex; these days, more so than ever. Planning my family’s Thanksgiving dinner provides an escape hatch, if only for a moment. I can contemplate menu challenges instead of what course America should take to balance the budget. For instance, my husband, Richard, wants mashed sweet potatoes and the kids want yukon golds. Two potatoes are … Full recipe post »

Roast Turkey with Lemons and Sage Butter

Thanksgiving becomes complicated when you have a large family with adult kids moving in separate directions.  That’s why I host our Thanksgiving the weekend prior to Thanksgiving, to maximize attendance; then Richard and I have a small celebration on Thanksgiving Day proper, stragglers welcome. A favorite Thanksgiving tradition in our home is purchasing a turkey … Full recipe post »

Poached Pears with Honeyed Mascarpone

After a huge Thanksgiving Day feast, forget the pies — this is my preferred finish. The best thing about this dessert is it can be made eight to 24 hours in advance. In fact, it insists upon that time to soak up the winey marinade and give the pear that stunning rich garnet color. You should … Full recipe post »

Northern India Cooking Class; Lesson 3: Chicken Biryani

Note: This is the third of seven recipe installments, which compose a classic Northern Indian Feast. Fine Indian cuisine is not noted for its brevity. The good news is that each of Achla Karnani’s recipes may be made well in advance, then reheated prior to serving. Or divide the recipes amongst your friends, staging your … Full recipe post »

Northern India Cooking Class: Lesson 2: Cauliflower (Phool Gobi)

Note: This is the second of seven recipe installments, which compose a classic Northern Indian Feast. Fine Indian cuisine is not noted for its brevity. The good news is that each of Achla Karnani’s recipes may be made well in advance, then reheated prior to serving. Or divide the recipes amongst your friends, staging your own … Full recipe post »