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Potato Salad, My Way.

I believe in choice, my choice of potato salad being no exception. This choice is gut-driven and deeply personal. My grandmother made a simple potato salad that accompanied her fried chicken and hickory nut cake to our family reunions in Selma. She made that same salad when a tragedy befell a friend, the bowl of love left quietly on their porch. My mother made the same salad that … Full recipe post »

A Tale of Potato Salad

Some folks at Irish Hills’ Sand Lake don’t take kindly to having their potato salad usurped by another at a family reunion. Ellen Dawson found out the hard way, and recounted her story to me over a bowl of (you guessed it) potato salad at her family’s last Fourth of July picnic. While slathering on sunblock and … Full recipe post »

Southwest Roasted Potato & Corn Salad

Here’s a recipe that would be a great side dish for almost anything hot off the grill. Particularly items with Southwestern flavors, like the Firecracker Flank Steak I will prepare for the Fourth of July. This salad is all I’ll require for a side dish, as it bundles a potato and vegetable salad together. Its … Full recipe post »

Mashed Potato and Pickle Relish Salad

If you grew up in the baby boom era like me, this is the type of potato salad you may remember fondly. Or not. Across America in the fifties and sixties, you could expect a scoop of it snuggled next to the grilled cheese sandwich at the counter bar at truck stops, drug stores, and diners. If memory serves, back … Full recipe post »

Potato, Radish and Cucumber Salad with Yogurt Dressing

Sliced cucumbers, dill and yogurt are a classic Scandinavian favorite flavor profile — wouldn’t the addition of potatoes and radishes to the mix be wonderful? And yes I have been on a radish kick lately (see my Chicken and Sautéed Radish blog). And then there was the Radish and Cucumber Salad I made last week. But to … Full recipe post »

Roasted Potato-Tomato Salad with Arugula

I always appreciate having a pre-washed, pre-pack bag (or tub) of greens at the ready. Of course the best flavors are those freshly picked that day, particularly arugula whose taste is far more peppery and pronounced fresh from the field. But that’s not always convenient; certainly not in the season ahead. And trying to incorporate … Full recipe post »

German Potato Salad

I could have sworn my friend Susan told me her German mother seasoned her German Potato Salad with pickle juice. I just checked with Susan to confirm this critical fact and she said absolutely not; her “mutti” was a purist/traditionalist who would not tamper with this recipe. Hmmmm. How did I come up with that … Full recipe post »

Uptown Picnic Potato Salad

Happy Labor Day! We’re going to an all-day picnic, rain or shine, and I was instructed to bring a side salad. I couldn’t decide whether to bring a carb or veggie-based salad so I’m combining potatoes with green beans. I love my good old- fashioned mayonnaise-based potato salad with hard cooked eggs, but am concerned … Full recipe post »