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Farro Adds a Toothsome Bite to this Savory Salad

Off the grid of late, spending every available minute, and every ounce of inspiration, on a book synopsis that had to be submitted last week. My two protagonists (female 31-year old first cousins) are of Polish descent, and Eastern European food has been on my mind. This salad is my daughter’s recipe and was inspired by my … Full recipe post »

Simmer and Smoke paired with Grilled Caesar Salad

Five years since inception and Simmer and Smoke is available in paper and Kindle, with other formats on the wing. Mallory, Shelby and Miss Ann are, at last, alive. A feeling akin to childbirth? Not quite. It’s more like a funeral and I’m mourning their loss. I can’t revisit my people––give Mallory another pill washed down with booze; push Shelby … Full recipe post »

Ribbons of Chard

My son, Zan, married Lucy last week. Last week my first novel, SIMMER AND SMOKE, was attached a firm publication date: two weeks from today. (The paperback is now available on Amazon; the ebook will be soon.) Events surrounding the book’s massive to-do list were swept beneath wedding hoop-la without a glance. Big glorious times. This week the balloon has … Full recipe post »

Manhattan: Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Manchego, Marcona Almonds and Fried Shallots works double-time as a salad or appetizer

(Note the gold holiday ball in the right hand column of this blog. Perhaps some of my past holiday recipe blogs can be of assistance to your meal planning in the next couple of months.) Last week was spent with three lady friends in Manhattan soaking in (breathless) as many museums, plays, Halloween revelry, and….of course—food!—as we could inhale … Full recipe post »

Roasted Beets and Baby Green Salad

Pity my mother, her ilk, and their culinary epiphany in the fifties. Enthralled with the freedom the new convenience foods allowed, when shopping for groceries they’d scoff at the produce section – former prison guards – sitting quietly in the bins, as they merrily stacked canned vegetables, tasting of tin, and sugary fruit cocktail into … Full recipe post »

Watercress & Edamame Salad with Quinoa

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and if you’re a mom, what’s in it for you? I don’t have the luxury of spending Mother’s Day with my kids, enjoying their pampering and attentions; in my world, that’s a sentimental notion. But this is a holiday set aside just for us mothers, so if plans aren’t made for … Full recipe post »

Canlis-inspired Creamy Lemony Tossed Salad with Bacon Croutons

I’m always on the lookout for exemplary tossed salad recipes and this one will surely rise to the top of the heap. It’s an especially handy recipe to have up your sleeve before the tender local greens start sprouting from the soil, which need little more than a tart, mustardy vinaigrette to complement their fresh … Full recipe post »

Spinach-Raspberry Salad with Maple-Balsamic Dressing

Today is Christmas Eve, and most people who intend to cook and entertain have long figured out the side dishes and salads that will enhance their main course. Except, perhaps, you? The clock’s a tickin’ so here’s a salad you can throw together in 10 minutes – it will look as festive as a sprig … Full recipe post »

Picnic Super-Green Salad

Summer evenings and weekends — for many — are most enjoyed spent outdoors, and picnics are popping up across the landscape. We stuff baskets and coolers with “tote cuisine” and set camp beside lakes, wildflower-strewn meadows, and shady spots beneath trees. Simplicity is the hallmark of this al fresco dining, and an impulsive repast may be purchased … Full recipe post »

Lemony Quinoa and Chickpea Salad with Crunchy Vegetables

I’m craving a detox something or other to balance the exigencies surrounding Drew’s 2nd birthday celebration yesterday.  Grilled burgers and brats set the stage. The juicy brats had that crispy skin, which snapped back when you bit it – how could I not have a second? The meal was topped off with mint chocolate chip … Full recipe post »

Holiday Tossed Salad with Pears, Cranberries, Gorgonzola & Walnut Vinaigrette

Hurrah! Hiller’s has arugula “verity” in stock – this is the arugula with bite; the arugula that barks back at you and tastes like peppery greens you grew yourself. Not to discount the pervasive boxes and bags of arugula in every produce market in town; I use them often by default. But their flavor is mild, to … Full recipe post »

Roasted Beet and Beet Green Salad

This recipe calls for using beets and their greens; such a pity to let the flavorful greens go to waste. Beet greens, however, are often tattered and bedraggled, more of a nuisance than they are worth. For this dish, look for bunches of beets that have nice fresh beet greens attached; the more beet greens the better! This … Full recipe post »

Grilled Insalata Tricolore

Once upon a time in America, most salads consisted of iceberg lettuce and a couple of withered tomato wedges. Perhaps the addition of cucumber slices, if you wanted to get fancy. We’ve come a long way, this particular salad being a fine example of just how many miles we’ve logged on our culinary landscape. But … Full recipe post »

Donna’s Classic Caesar Salad

I’ve always assumed Caesar Salad was invented by an Italian chef honoring Julius Caesar and his famed Roman empire. History has it on March 15, 44 B.C. – about 2054 years ago – Caesar met his fate at the hands of his Senate. Volumes have been written and romanticized, often contradictory, regarding the precipitous murder … Full recipe post »

Wilted Insalata Tricolore

Detox Resolution Recipe Series: Using whole grains, vegetables, lean meats and healthier fats in recipes that you may find taste really good! I’m salad hungry. But I’m also cold to the bone and craving something warm. I sautéed raddichio in a Greek pasta recipe last month and am thinking I’ll take this one step further tonight and … Full recipe post »