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Farro Adds a Toothsome Bite to this Savory Salad

Off the grid of late, spending every available minute, and every ounce of inspiration, on a book synopsis that had to be submitted last week. My two protagonists (female 31-year old first cousins) are of Polish descent, and Eastern European food has been on my mind. This salad is my daughter’s recipe and was inspired by my … Full recipe post »

Grilled Tuna Salad Nicoise

Composed salads that include grilled proteins and vegetables are such a welcome addition to the summertime table, and certain meats, seafoods and vegetables lend themselves particularly well to these types of salads. And don’t forget the lettuce. Grilled lettuce—really? Absolutely. Certain heartier lettuces hold their shape and are marvelous when exposed to the heat of a grill. … Full recipe post »

Roasted Beets and Baby Green Salad

Pity my mother, her ilk, and their culinary epiphany in the fifties. Enthralled with the freedom the new convenience foods allowed, when shopping for groceries they’d scoff at the produce section – former prison guards – sitting quietly in the bins, as they merrily stacked canned vegetables, tasting of tin, and sugary fruit cocktail into … Full recipe post »

Watercress & Edamame Salad with Quinoa

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and if you’re a mom, what’s in it for you? I don’t have the luxury of spending Mother’s Day with my kids, enjoying their pampering and attentions; in my world, that’s a sentimental notion. But this is a holiday set aside just for us mothers, so if plans aren’t made for … Full recipe post »

Kale and Butternut Squash

This warm, delicious salad is a palate of October colors; as delicious to eat as is to admire. My friend, Debbie, sent me the recipe she’d found in Bon Appetit knowing I would love it. No doubt. The chewy texture of kale is marvelous paired with creamy squash and the crunch of toasted almonds. I … Full recipe post »

Jerusalem Pita and Vegetable Salad

Bread salads are born of frugality. Slightly stale bread loafs and flat breads need never go to waste; they are the ideal sop when resurrected in vinaigrettes and dressings, ensuring not a crumb goes to waste. Much-loved Tuscan panzanellas come to mind, which traditionally include chunks of stale bread, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions tossed in a … Full recipe post »

Ginger-Garlic Flank Steak with Dipping Sauce

With grilling season at the door, it’s handy having dependable marinades and seasoning rub strategies up your sleeve. I went to a potluck birthday party for my friend, Achla, who’s a fan of dishes redolent of ginger and garlic. I tried this recipe from Fine Cooking – heavy-handed with these flavors – and it was outstanding. … Full recipe post »

Grilled Salmon Salad with Edamame and Oranges

I’m not buying into the theory that Mother’s Day is a “Hallmark Holiday”, commercialized beyond recognition, so can be ignored in good conscious. “Mother’s Day,” according to Wikipedia, “…is an annual holiday that recognizes mothers, motherhood and maternal bonds in general, as well the positive contributions that they make to society.” In the United States, … Full recipe post »

Chicken Taco Salad with Chipotle-Lime dressing

Imagine you’re sitting at a beach-side restaurant in Mexico munching on freshly made tortilla chips with  scratch-made guacamole and salsa – perhaps a tequila chaser on the side. The sad reality is both of us are probably reading the paper or pecking away at our computers,  watching the snow slowly melt into gray puddles. I, … Full recipe post »

Chopped Chicken Taco Salad with Chipotle-Corn Dressing

Congratulations soon-to-be graduates! In a few short weeks, University of Michigan and Eastern University seniors will be tossing their caps into the clouds, soon followed by local high schools grads. At this time of the year, I turn to recipes suitable for graduation parties —recipes as hard-working and deserving of accolades as these students. This … Full recipe post »

Kale and Orange Salad

The kale at the grocer’s was such an intense shade of green, and so impeccably crisp, I couldn’t resist buying several bunches. It was too fresh and tender to cook and I remembered a salad I made last year that my friend, Rebecca Bawkon, shared with me. Her recipe uses lemon juice instead of orange juice … Full recipe post »

Seared Sesame Scallops with Citrus Salad

‘Tis the season for grapefruit, plump yellow packages graciously sent up to us snowbirds from warmer locales. Their tart-sweet flavor and healthful properties are working overtime in my kitchen to combat the exigencies of the holidays. I enjoy paring these beauties with seafood — this time last year I made a marvelous shrimp, spinach and … Full recipe post »

Grilled Balsamic Flank Steak Salad

I’m using yesterday’s leftover flank steak, a Balsamic Flank Steak recipe for a simple tossed salad tonight. I often use leftover chicken, seafood or steak to top a salad the next day. It’s a trick restaurants use to utilize leftover cooked proteins (think Caesar Salads topped with proteins), why not incorporate it into your own … Full recipe post »

Chickpea & Cucumber Salad

While shopping at Hiller’s last week, I saw a chickpea (garbanzo bean) salad on their salad bar that looked delicious – one of those salads that made me feel healthier just by looking at it. I didn’t purchase any as I had most of the ingredients to make something similar at home. Here is my … Full recipe post »

Roasted Potato-Tomato Salad with Arugula

I always appreciate having a pre-washed, pre-pack bag (or tub) of greens at the ready. Of course the best flavors are those freshly picked that day, particularly arugula whose taste is far more peppery and pronounced fresh from the field. But that’s not always convenient; certainly not in the season ahead. And trying to incorporate … Full recipe post »