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Good Gnocchi Caring!

I’m blessed to have a friend who has always seen a better version of me than I see in myself. It’s said that we are the mistresses of our misery, and through the years, I’ve tried to live up to the standards of the woman she thinks I am, usually missing the mark.  This special friend, however, has always helped … Full recipe post »

Sweet Cherry & Quinoa Pilaf

Michigan cherries are a fixture at many locals table in July. And after last year’s catastrophic harvest, we’ve good reason to celebrate this year’s bounty with the farmers. My palate’s a bit saturated with vinaigrette-based salads, so tonight I prefer more of a warm pilaf-styled side dish for the chicken I grilled. I took liberties … Full recipe post »

Northern India Cooking Class; Lesson 5: Meatballs (Kofta)

Note: This is the fifth of seven recipe installments, which compose a classic Northern Indian Feast. Fine Indian cuisine is not noted for its brevity. The good news is that each of Achla Karnani’s recipes may be made well in advance, then reheated prior to serving. Or divide the recipes among your friends, staging your own … Full recipe post »

Southwest Cornbread and Chorizo Stuffing

This Spanish-styled stuffing is this year’s break from traditional stuffing (think sage and bread crumbs). The smoky flavors of Spanish paprika, chorizo and cornbread were a marvelous punctuation to the components in our traditional Thanksgiving plate (think turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and cranberry sauce). Corn bread can be made and toasted up to 48 … Full recipe post »

Root Vegetable Gratin

The Turkey-day countdown has begun. Cooks and hosts across town are spending any available down time studying recipes, making lists and mapping a Thanksgiving defense strategy. I, personally, begin with a spread sheet, prioritizing side dishes that may be made in advance – my primary tactic to minimize kitchen chaos. Granted, the main dish – … Full recipe post »

Cranberry-Orange Relish and Mushroom Gravy

I usually make my cranberry relish and gravy three days prior to Thanksgiving. (If I didn’t get around to freezing Make-Ahead Gravy.) The flavors only improve and that last-minute turkey trot chaos is somewhat mitigated. I begin with the relish because it’s a cinch to make. I’ve had delicious cooked cranberry relishes and chutneys but … Full recipe post »

Wild Rice Stuffing with Sausage and Fennel

One of my family’s favorite Thanksgiving Day foods is the stuffing. But I was recently informed that what I’ve been making all of these years is not stuffing, but dressing. Stuffing is cooked inside of the bird and dressing, outside of the bird. For food safety reasons, I’ve been cooking my stuffing on the side … Full recipe post »