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Sylvia’s Heartbreakers: The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie

There are over a hundred billion stars in our galaxy. Says Google, at least. After perusing chocolate chip cookie recipes on-line this week, I’m guessing there are about that many recipes for chocolate chip cookies. Minimum. So do I really need to burden the web with, yet, another one? It depends. What’s your taste in cookies? The following list … Full recipe post »

Create Your Own Outside Movie Theater (& brand the event with a signature sugar cookie)

Do you ever yearn for simpler times; evenings when parents, for instance, folded pajama-clad kids into cars and spent the evening watching a movie at the drive-in? Today’s advanced digital technology allows you to bring the mood of an outdoor theater to your own yard, and invite your neighborhood to join the fun while you’re … Full recipe post »

Chocolate Chip Cookies

What do you do when the weather renders you homebound with an antsy 8 year old? Start a new business — at least that’s what Kale and I did; Kale’s Kookie Kitchen is officially in business as of today; cookies retail at $0.44 each. Some of the best cookie recipes come from the backs of … Full recipe post »

Steve’s Yin Yang Cookies

In the philosophy of taoism, the yin and yang represent the balance of opposites in the universe. Each of these opposites produce the other. “In yin and yang neither is positive or negative but neither can exist without the other,” said Steve, succinctly touching on some of the basic tenets of this ancient Chinese philosophy. … Full recipe post »