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She-Deviled Diva Eggs

Deviled Eggs (aka: Stuffed Eggs) have taken on star-status in the past few years. No more are a plate of these rich and tantalizing mortals content to find themselves nestled up to a Maraschino Cherry Jello Mold on a boomerang-patterned formica counter. For good reason. Stuffed eggs are a great canvas for a variety of flavors. A perusal through the web … Full recipe post »

Southwest Breakfast Burritos + Memorial Day recipes for the Grill

My step-son’s wedding was last weekend, so my daughter, Greta, came in from Chicago and stayed at our place for the two-day festivities. Having been out-of-town all week, I never had a minute prior to her arrival to make her favorite meals and treats. I wasn’t about to go grocery shopping after she arrived, so … Full recipe post »

Sweet Potato Hash with Pork Belly & Fried Sage Leaves

Let’s talk hash. Not trash hash ordered from sticky laminated menus found in diners off strung-together highways. There’s certainly the exception, but that hash often consists of whatever leftover diced meat needs using up (think corned and roast beef) combined with diced potatoes (could have been frozen) and lots of grease. Oh yes, lots of … Full recipe post »

Stuffed Eggs with Bacon & Shrimp

Here’s a variation on stuffed eggs that you may find quite savory. Leftover shrimp were sitting next to a carton of eggs in my fridge and, voila, the following recipe was born. Certainly the addition of bacon didn’t hurt one bit, and I loved the tang of the pickle juice and tomato paste, reminding me … Full recipe post »

Make-Ahead Brunch Strata

(For additional Easter Recipe ideas, click here.) Easter festivities may present unique menu challenges to the home cook. I’m not referring to the celebratory menu, per se; traditional Easter dinner recipes are often engraved in stone, as they very well should be. It could be considered passive-aggressive to replace your mother-in-law’s beloved Maraschino Cherry Glazed … Full recipe post »

Polish-Stuffed Easter Eggs

Easter is this Sunday.  For some of us, this holiday is a time for introspection, renewal and growth; as a shovel dug deep, tilling the the earth, in preparation for planting seeds. It’s also a time for honoring family traditions with special dishes. The following recipe is my new Easter tradition and I intend to … Full recipe post »

Omelet with Goat Cheese, Morels and Asparagus

Like so many ubiquitous edibles, which survive the shifting vagaries of popular culture — pizza, hamburgers, even Caesar salad — many nationalities stake claim to their origin and preparation. The lore, hype and speculation surrounding the omelet are no exception. One version, according to Wikipedia, reads as would a sixth-grade history text. “…When Napoleon and … Full recipe post »

Omelet with Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon

I have a small amount of salmon and and a bit of cream cheese left from the weekend. It’s just enough to spread over a toasted bagel half, but I’ve got a better idea. A couple of eggs and voila: it’s an elegant supper for one. My new favorite magazine, the spring issue of Fine Cooking’s … Full recipe post »

Stuffed Eggs Florentine

If I hired a kitchen organizer who insisted I only keep one serving piece in my kitchen, I’d select my wooden salad bowl–I use it daily. Flash 40 years back to my mother’s kitchen: Being presented with the same ultimatum, I’m pretty sure she would have kept her stuffed (deviled) egg plate, she made some … Full recipe post »

Cheese Omelet with Spring Herbs

According to, “…when Napoleon and his army were traveling through the south of France they decided to rest for the night near the town of Bessieres.Napoleon feasted on an omelet prepared by a local innkeeper that was such a culinary delight that Napoleon ordered the townspeople to gather all the eggs in the village and … Full recipe post »

Curried Creamed Eggs with Asparagus

Happy Easter! As much a  tradition as dying Easter eggs is for us, making Curried Creamed Eggs with leftover eggs for Easter breakfast is even better! My mom made this dish every Easter morning with the addition of bottled chipped beef. Fifties food, no doubt, and your family may have a similar tradition. I break … Full recipe post »

Eggs in Toast

More than likely, you have eaten this simple little egg and toast dish before. And, more than likely, you had your own special name for it. Only 5 minutes of my time spent on search engines yielded the following names for basically the same dish: “Egg in a Basket”, “Floating Eyeballs”, “Toad in a Hole”, … Full recipe post »

Cheesy Tortilla and Egg Scramble

The day after Super Bowl could pose two distinct challenges for some of us who may have over-indulged last night: What to do about the chips and salsa leftovers, and what to do about the dull pounding in our head. One compassionate reader shares her remedy for curing both. “I got this recipe from a … Full recipe post »

Savory Scrambled Egg Wrap

It’s Sunday, the end of the week, and my fridge is a scrapbook of memories from last week’s meals. It’s time to rustle up up those little miscellaneous baggies of vegetables and cheese, and make room for next week’s savory scraps! I’ll sauté the veggies with beaten eggs, grated cheese and herbs, then wrap the … Full recipe post »