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Starstruck Sparkling Holiday Punch

Composing individual craft cocktails when hosting a party can knock a host under the table, stone-cold sober, I might add – forget having time to sip your own. As soon as you’ve finished passing round one, guests are lined up – empty glass in hand – for round two. One could hire a bartender, I … Full recipe post »

October Moon Spritz

(Halloween candy, not for me; a spritz of bliss, if you please.) On a trip to Italy, some 20 years back, I discovered Campari, an alcoholic beverage in the family of bitters. For many, it’s an acquired taste (a friend says it reminds her of cough syrup), but I took to the potion — an … Full recipe post »

Gin Gin Mule

Slap, slap; take that you feisty little mint leaf, you. I’m attempting to recreate the Gin Gin Mule my son, Zan, and his girlfriend, Lucy, made for me last week. Planning to serve up a batch, I need a specific recipe. When quizzing Lucy as to the preparation, I told her I was going to … Full recipe post »

Special-Occasion Punch with Fruit & Lavender Ice Ring

Punch bowls recall the high school prom with that ne’er-do-well trouble-maker (you forget his name) sneaking whiskey into the punch, and that dry wedding where you wished someone would sneak whiskey into the punch bowl after an un-air-conditioned, two-hour ceremony in 90-degree heat. Others think of “punch” as a non-alcoholic sugary concoction favored by children. But according to … Full recipe post »

Bourbon-Pepper Flat Iron Steak and Mint Juleps

Bourbon. As deeply carved into the American landscape as George Washington is into Mount Rushmore; as iconic of the American palate as hamburgers, fried chicken and apple pie. Bourbon, to beat the dead mule, is as quintessential to the American spirit as the presentation of homecoming queen at a football game’s half-time, Super Bowl Sunday, … Full recipe post »

May Day-Holiday: French 75

Seen the weather forecast for this week? Looks like we may get into the eighties! It’s been a mighty long time coming. Two days and counting untll May, and what better way to celebrate than with a spiffy cocktail, full of sparkling sunny flavor. My kids, Greta and Zan, stopped by for dinner and I asked … Full recipe post »

Lucy’s Holiday Sling Punch

The past few years have embraced the “craft cocktail” movement by storm. Across the land, bartenders and hosts are displaying their creative genius experimenting with handmade infusions, fresh-squeezed and mashed juices, exotic spices and flavored, purified ice. Perhaps 2013 will be the year of the “craft punch bowl” scene. But it’s fun to include an out-of-the-ordinary … Full recipe post »

Strawberry & Mescal Cocktail

Lucy, my son’s girlfriend, is my favorite dinner guest; her remarkable cocktail concoctions are the perfect ice-breaker at any get-together; what she concocted at our last dinner party has been my favorite libation to date. I insisted upon purchasing ingredients, and – per her suggestion – went on a wild-goose chase hunting down the best mescal I … Full recipe post »

Lucy’s Smoky Peach-Mint Julips

“When using mint, or any herb, in a cocktail, You NEVER want to break up a leaf  – only express the oils,” said Lucy, as she gingerly pressed mint leaves against the glass with a muddler. My son Zan, and his partner, Lucy, invited me and Richard over for appetizers at their Detroit digs before … Full recipe post »

Watermelon Mojito

With mint flourishing in the garden, and produce bins groaning under the weight of the season’s juicy watermelon, this summer cooler has become my latest favorite drink. My son, Zan, and his girlfriend, Lucy, came to dinner, and I served these drinks with the appetizer. It’s intimidating serving Lucy a cocktail. Fresh from attending the Manhattan Cocktail Classic convention, … Full recipe post »

The Pig’s Punch – a perfect holiday cocktail to serve with pork.

Here’s a drink to whet your whistle from Lucy Carnaghi, a bartender at Zingerman’s Roadhouse. Some folks think a family is lucky if it includes a doctor or lawyer in the brood. Maybe so, but I feel lucky that my son’s dating Lucy, who made this special drink to kick off our holiday festivities. “I … Full recipe post »

A Classic Margarita

Here’s a no-fuss way to entertain. Purchase ready-made salsa and chips chips, place chips in basket and salsa in colorful bowl, make blender margaritas, and serve. (Then, go out for Fish Tacos at the Black Pearl on Main Street.) And that’s just what Richard and I did when we invited Trish and Andrew over for dinner. Of course, … Full recipe post »

Mojito Sorbet

Here’s a great way to chill after Art Fair hoop-la. The rum is optional, but what’s a mojito without rum — as long as you’re of age! There are only a couple of tablespoons in the recipe, as additional rum would heat and soften the sorbet to a slush. The following recipe is adapted from All, which … Full recipe post »

Dragon’s Milk Float

My husband and I were recently in Grand Rapids and had dinner at a phenomenally original restaurant, Reserve. As I debated between the hogs cheeks and salmon with chicken liver sauce, our dining companions recommended we accompany our meal, not with the expected bottle of wine, but with a bottle of Dragon’s Milk. The waitress concurred … Full recipe post »

The Ultimate Bloody Mary Bar

Having a Bloody Mary Bar  is essential to Christmas gatherings in my home. I’ve imported  this set-up from my experiences growing up in Alabama; a Bloody Mary bar  – plain and simple – is classic Southern hospitality. Spicy Cheddar Cheese Straws are the expecting nosh in these operations. Spicy nuts and cheese are also encouraged. … Full recipe post »