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Turkey: Eggplant Stuffed with Lamb (Karniyarik)

In past years, I’ve mollified Michigan winters with trips to flavorful destinations, a country’s cuisine inspiring my travels. One birthday, for instance, a friend gave me a collection of Turkish spices — four months later I was waking at dawn to the “call to prayer” in Istanbul. Turkey is a swirling dervish of a landscape, … Full recipe post »

Savory Eggplant Stuffed with Ground Lamb

I’m particularly fond of recipes whose ingredients can be easily mixed and matched to accommodate different palates. This is one of those recipes. When selecting the more assertive flavor of ground lamb, the pecorina (sheep’s milk cheese) paired with fresh mint is a perfect marriage. However, if ground beef is your choice, the Parmesan paired … Full recipe post »

Eggplant stuffed with Couscous and Feta

In the doldrums of wintry February — Farmers Markets finished, kitchen gardens put to sleep — it’s a gift to be inspired by a vegetable. I spied this chubby baby at Hiller’s, and she was begging to be cut in half and stuffed. Eggplant’s hearty skin makes the perfect encasement for stuffings, and I usually gravitate … Full recipe post »

Spinach-Stuffed Mushrooms

One way I’ve coaxed children and adults to love vegetables is by stuffing them. My kids wouldn’t go near bell peppers until I stuffed and baked them with ground beef and rice topped with tomato sauce. My cousin said she was “allergic” to eggplant. Last week I shoehorned buttery breadcrumbs and ground lamb into eggplant … Full recipe post »

Slap Mint Gin and Summer Tomato Palooza

August, draped in excess, ripens into a rosy blush as she parades her finery. Especially beautiful, the tomatoes. Locally grown tomatoes go down easy, almost as easy as the Slap Mint Elderberry Gin that complements an end-of-August afternoon on the beach. (Recipe below the tomato slide shows.) Slapping mint before using in cocktails extracts the oils adding additional minty flavor to the drink. If … Full recipe post »

Easter Recipe Favorites

Easter is here early this year catching many of us off-guard; but the weather is certainly cooperating for Easter egg hunts. I gravitate to serving seasonal and Mediterranean fare through the holiday weekend –  Spring lamb, goat and sheep milk cheeses, grape leaves, asparagus, and Easter eggs – remind me of rebirth and renewal. Mediterranean … Full recipe post »

This week is for celebrations – whatever your celebration may be!

Perhaps it’s Easter or Passover you’re commemorating this week, or maybe it’s the grass turning from a brittle straw beige to green.  After this winter, the upward inch of the thermometer is a good enough excuse for a celebration, and with that celebration comes food. My family celebrates Easter, and I’m happily stuck in the … Full recipe post »

Peggy Lampman’s Holiday Cookbook

(see Super-Simple Recipes, below) Appetizers Cranberry-Stuffed Brie en Croute • Entertaining Canapé Platter • Crostini with Mint Pesto, Smoked Salmon & Goat Cheese • Eggplant Tapanade • Edamame Cups with Wasabi Caviar • Tempura Oysters with Asian Dipping Sauce • Spinach-Parmesan Bruschetta with Pesto Coated Shrimp • Asiago-Dill Pita Appetizers • Crispy Asian Crab Cakes • Pimento-Cheese with Creme Fraiche … Full recipe post »