Off-Season Solo in the Redneck Riviera


The Particulars: I stayed 3 nights at “Lisbeth’s by the Sea” on Santa Rosa Beach in the Florida Panhandle (I booked online @ $342.55 total tab). After discussing my eating objectives, the hosts made the appropriate recommendations. I ordered my bike from Big Fish, who dropped the bike off and picked it up (850-231-1343; $33.86 total tab). I rented a Fiat from Budget; the cheapest car on the menu, and loved it, and stayed the first few days of November, when it was beginning to “go ugly” in Michigan. Tourism is at a minimum Sept-January, and northern Florida can get nippy mid-November through February (highs hovering in the sixties). Still pleasant compared to northern climes. Spring breakers invade the area in March and April – more fearsome than a pack of uncrated gators, and families with children vacation through the summer.

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