Celebrating the holidays in 2021? For many of us: same same, but different.

Charcuterie Platter

Happy happy, joy joy, dinnerFeed is back!!! I hope you’re back, too(-: Please pardon her prolonged quarantine, but over the past few months, the site became ill, almost terminally so. Who knew that while I was putting every barrier in place between my family and the Coronavirus, another virus was infecting my site? Compared to what was hitting our planet, however, I decided to dismantle the blog––putting her on hiatus––and tasered my focus onto my family and community.

 I’ve never monetized my site with annoying pop-up ads which may invite a bug, and thought my vaults and plug-ins were enough to keep things safe. Not so. Now, she’s wearing a bullet-proof vest with every firewall integrated into this platform. Now I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and read, write and cook––not necessarily in that order. I assumed a triple-vax would be my equivalent of a bullet-proof vest, as well, but––LONG. HEAVY. SIGH.––here we are again. Thanks, Omicron.

“Same, same but different.”

While traveling in Southeast Asia, when I asked a guide or local their impression on how business or their country was faring, they’d often respond, “Same, same but different”. That’s how I feel about this holiday season compared to 2020. I cancelled last year’s festivities but this year I am having our immediate family over with every safety protocol imaginable in place. So if asked how does this holiday season compare with the last? Same, same but different. Here’s an easy hack compliments of a charcuterie platter pic I saw on Goldbelly, a site where you can order food.

Goldbelly hack.

Using this Goldbelly pic of a charcuterie platter as a paint by number guide, I purchased Marcona truffle almonds and truffle cheese from Trader Joe’sManchego seemed fitting right, as well. Serrano ham was purchased from a local gem of a deli (Zingerman’s) and it seems my platter, compared to Goldbelly’s, is same, same, but different.

Happy Holidays, friends. As I pen these words, a bit of normalcy is creeping into my fingertips spreading onto the keyboard. It feels pretty damn good. I hope the New Years feeds you a bit of normalcy, as well. Stay safe!

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