Lake Michigan Fish Fry

First, dunk fillets into egg wash.

Covid-fatigue. Election fatigue.  Looky, looky––the country’s in free-fall! I’m sick of reading about it–the words I type, are embarrassed to add to the cacophony. To stay mentally well, we need to create our own distractions. Stop the noise, right?

So pour me another glass of wine. You say the bottle’s empty? Open another while you’re up from the couch. Flash to tomorrow–searing hangover. Wasn’t clarity the objective?

Then, dip into dry mix.

Fry fillets in peanut oil that’s at a 350 degree temp until golden. (Skillets on stovetops work too!)

I read a suggestion that one way of fending off the blahs is surfing the internet for a jazzy new mask.

Seriously? I’ve been a card-carrying member of the pro-mask camp since March, but don’t get my jollies shopping for them.

Much of what use to bring me pleasure–friends, travel, restaurants, theatre, the gym—has been hacked off my list.

Praise heaven, there are books, writing, music, cooking and the natural world to satisfy. And–with the kids working remotely–our immediate quarantined fam is spending  more time together. There’s much to be grateful for, after all.

During the pandemic, we’ve migrated from Ann Arbor to the great woods and waters of Northern Michigan. Of late, we’ve been searching for good vibrations–a bit of retro beach boy vibe.

We served this with wild mushroom risotto and a simple tossed salad

A few days back, we had a fish fry on the beach. My son-in-law may be fine with just a hat and swim suit in mid-forty degree weather, but I am bundled head-to-toe. The secret, I’ve found, to living life comfortably up here is having the right gear. It’s called survival–we have Lake Michigan beach parties in January.

Food always tastes better when someone else is doing the cooking, so I’m thrilled when the kids take the reins.

The top four  Great Lakes fish are arguably walleye, perch, trout, and whitefish. Of these, walleye and perch are my favorites for frying, and these are the two we used.

For our beach fry ingredients, my son-in-law used a pre-seasoned box product he found at our local grocery, Shore Lunch. It was less hassle than my favorite recipe for fried fish, Nut-Crusted Walleye, which could have been substituted for the Shore Lunch .But I wasn’t the cook. And this boxed concoction, I confess, was  quite delicious.

So stay safe and well, friends. These months will soon be history!


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