One Thousand and One Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries…

Or a Chocolate Truffle with Bacon?

…that’s how many treats I’d need to make if I were to gift every person who helped bring this book to light a strawberry. Or chocolate truffle, if preferred.

Today I’m launching THE RUBY OF THE SEA. It took an army of professionals and friends to lend perspective and authenticity to Linnea, Delphina and Ivy’s story. I most certainly looked more to the council of others than I had done in my previous novels.

And what would a writer be without readers who asked, When will your next book be released?  I may have not met most of my readers,  book bloggers and other pre-launch champions––especially those who reviewed this story in these Goodread reviews– but I hold their words close to my heart. Reviews, even those written by people with valid criticism, are a large part of a book’s success.

Or, perhaps, a chocolate soufflé?

As for the inspiration behind my characters? Like so many people, I’ve experienced the fallout of undiagnosed mental illness within families. Why not set their story against a fanciful backdrop drenched in color and light?

Although this book is set in contemporary times, a historical subplot weaves through the narrative. Key West has a blustery past, indeed. During my last trip down to the Southernmost City, the seeds of a plot began to germinate, culminating in THE RUBY OF THE SEA.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. I hate fighting the restaurant crowds on this special occasion, but for once, I wish I could put my feet up and order in.  I have decided, however, to make a special dinner at home that Richard and I can enjoy. Alas, this cast of characters has awakened him many nights, too, as I whipped off sheets when someone whispered in my ear.

Here’s a link to a slide show with well-recipe links that might inspire. A cyber-chocolate kiss to you all!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!♥♥♥ Eat well, read well, love well, dine well.


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