The Ruby of the Sea

Today I’m revealing the title and cover of my third novel, THE RUBY OF THE SEA. Perhaps not as food-centric as THE PROMISE KITCHEN or THE WELCOME HOME DINER, food lovers will not be disappointed. Especially if you enjoy a bit of Cuban heat in your recipe repertoire.

The novel is about the indelible bond between three sisters, a historic Key West lighthouse they once called home, and the secrets, passions and lies of the past, which collide with the present in a most harrowing way. Of course, all of my characters LOVE to eat!

Here’s an excerpt in the second chapter that one of main characters, Delphina, is enjoying a Cuban specialty that her mother-in-law just made. I hope this will whet your palate:

“…First, she ladles a mound of steaming white rice upon a plate. Then, long-simmered beans and sauce are spooned over the top. The color of henna, a deep reddish-brown, they appear to be flowing down a mountain. She embellishes the dish with a garlicky, bell pepper sauce–a beautiful contrast of color, texture and flavor.

I dig my fork into this masterpiece and stir everything up until the rice, beans, pork and sweet peppers lose their individuality, morphing into a singular bliss. Bringing the fork to my mouth, I inhale the scent of cardamom and oranges, Lita’s secret ingredients. My baby in my arms, comfort food at my side, why do I continue obsessing over that silk?”

The link for the recipe she is eating (Slow-Cooked Pork, Black Beans and Rice) is here.  Delicioso! The pre-order link for this latest will be added to the site in a couple of weeks!

Cuban Pork and Beans

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