She’s No Angel: Holiday Musings on Victuals and Vice.

Pig's Punch

Pig’s Punch

Like a thunder of army boots marching into town, I dread the inevitable scourge of New Year’s insight promoting radical behavioral shifts sure to trample me next month.

December offers us carte blanche; Eat, Drink and Be Merry. But January draws nigh, when some of us find ourselves hamsters on a double wheel of  guilt trips, agonizing over the previous year’s excess of food and drink.

Are New Year’s dietary resolutions punishment for last year’s  sins? Pain aside, self-flaggelation can be so boring.

At the moment, I’m trying on  a more enlightened approach, modifying behavior that could steer me to 2019 self-loathing in the first place. I’ll begin with alcohol–my poison, my friend.

Special Occasion Punch (champagne on the side).

Long gone are the days of pounding hangovers, when I couldn’t remember if I served that dessert at my dinner party the previous evening.

These days I sip slowly, enjoying the complexity of a vintner’s blend or bartender’s house concoction (Pig’s Punch featured in above pic; an alcohol-optional punch on the left; additional beverage recipes in the Beverages pull-down in the right column).

Yet, I remain no angel. Nor do I wish to be. But do I really need that second or third I’m-taking-an-Uber glass  just because the buzz is fading? My health certainly doesn’t. Every doctor and medical website will tell you this so don’t believe me.

Of late, I’ve been stocking my fridge with coconut water, fruit juices, seltzer waters and assorted bitters. I can make myself a mean non-alcoholic cocktail (yes bitters have alcohol, but really?) while binging with hubby on Sharp Objects.

Out and about, I can begin with seltzer and lime and move onto my high-octane treat mid-stream. Or vice versa. Must I have another? Well, alright. I’ll have a Sweet Vermouth and Soda, thank you very much.

Onto food. Alcohol may taunt me, but when it comes to food, I lucked out. Well-prepared, nutritious food is no sacrifice for this writer. is clearly not a dietary site. But in the pull-down tab above, Peggy’s Healthy Pics, through the years I’ve blogged about dozens of reduced fat recipes where no flavor sacrifice is made. (In the above pic, Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Manchego, Fried Shallots and Marcona Almonds .)

Sweet Potato Pecan Pie

Sweet Potato Pecan Pie

Of late, I’ve been craving pastas with creamy Alfredos. Here’s a treat, an Alfredo recipe with chicken and broccoli with half the calories you’d devour in a restaurant.  I will indulge in the things that tempt me (I’m looking at you Sweet Potato-Pecan Pie) but not to egregious excess.

You readers are compassionate souls, folks intended to be on this planet for a reason. So give yourself a break. Hold hands with me (I need your support!) as we tread gently through December, ready to face the advent of 2019, tummy’s tight (gut or no gut), heads held high and clear.

Need help with holiday menu planning? Tap the Holiday Cookbook (the golden ball in the column on your right) and you’ll find dozens of my holiday favorites. Have a safe and happy season, friends!



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