It’s a BOOK…

My second novel is born today! I’m traveling in Portugal at the moment, just glanced through my social media platforms and WOW!!! I’m totally overwhelmed with the support given me by readers and the book community. THANK YOU!!!

I’m TREMENDOUSLY EXCITED about this book, and am thrilled about the reviews trickling in to date. I’m hoping that YOU, as well, will enjoy this bit of fiction based on my very real experiences. After all, that is why I write.  And, as always, this site is the first place I will post cost-saving promotions on my books.

At the moment, I’m about to go out to dinner and eat a typical Portuguese meal that, up until now, I’ve been loathe to try after seeing it “processed” at a local fish market. This, however, is a favorite of everyone I’ve met in Aviero. It’s truly a miracle I am about to eat it. Stay tuned for details from this, er, feast!!! Pass the Vino Verde–perhaps if I can drink enough of it before bringing fork to mouth… Xo


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