Twenty days.

Twenty days. It’s been twenty days since my heart fisted with worry knowing that my son and several friends were about to be clobbered by Harvey. My people and their property were spared–but what about the others? Before even comprehending the extent of the fallout, along came Irma. And then the earthquake in Mexico City.

And here am I, each morning staring off into the placid waters and shoreline of Lake Michigan, and then going about my day-to-day feeling anxious, my heart remaining clenched. Wading through these feelings of helplessness, I can donate to the Red Cross. I can give blood. I can call my loved ones in Texas and in Florida. I can make comfort food. I can write. I can feel grateful for the science enabling forecasters to, at the very least, give warning.

For those of you who have been threatened by the paths of these tumultuous furies, know that you’re cradled in the collective hearts of the world♥♥♥.

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