Happy Fourth Recipes and Happy Porch-Sittin’ Reads!

Love July. Love it. Wearing sundresses and floppy hats to the Farmers Market, kayaking on the lake, barbecuing and fireworks.  (I also buy ’em when they’re half-off AFTER the Fourth, and entertain the kids through the summer on the Lake Michigan shoreline.)

Of course I love outdoor reading. And the advent of this July not only brings favorite recipes to savor and share (recipe links below pics), but a picnic basket packed with books. Inexpensive books. Qualifier. Inexpensive digital books.

I’m old-school. I like the tangibles of pulp–the burnt almond smell, for instance, of a favorite old read. My fingers prefer turning a page instead of  a swiping a screen. And I much prefer browsing the colorful cookbooks on my shelf instead of pulling up a digital recipe on my screen. Each book’s a  reminder of a culinary escapade that transports me to happy times and places.

But digital has found a comfortable, welcome niche in my life. Less baggage, for starters. Today we’re on our way to Alaska traveling carry-on, as always. My Kindle is loaded with digital books and my iPhone packed with an Audible selection. While gazing at Denali on Friday, I could be listening to Jame’s Mitchner’s Alaska with my ear buds.

So here’s a deal for ‘ya: through July, Amazon’s featuring a variety of Kindle reads for under three bucks.  I was delighted to see THE PROMISE KITCHEN in the mix. If you’re a fan of Southern Grit-lit and food, now’s your chance to pick it up for peanuts.

It’s a part of the Popular Fiction Book Deals in their US marketplace. Just pick your favorite genre and go for it.

I’m thrilled to be with Lake Union –such a supportive, interesting group of authors. The link directs you to their FB page, hosting by a different author each week. Like the page  before it hits 2000 likes, and you’ll have a chance to win a Kindle Fire. And it’s nice to see my first baby, THE PROMISE KITCHEN, once again making the rounds. (The Audible version’s only a few bucks as well.)

I hope you, dear readers, have a lovely, relaxing, holiday. I’ll have an   apparatus attached to my person to stay connected and, as always, would love to hear from you. Recipe questions, good books you’ve read, your recommendations on Alaska must-do’s –I’m with ‘ya as long as WIFI obliges.

Right now I’m listening to FINDING HEATHER, a novel by Alison Ragsdale, a fellow Lake Union author.  The narrator, Mhairi Morrison, has an exquisite Scottish voice and the Audible version transports me to the Isle of Skye. That next trip to Scotland has now inched to the top of the bucket list.

So throw something on the grill for me, would ‘ya? We’ll be in flight, heading to the tundra. It won’t feel like the 4th, but the girl ain’t complaining. I’ve heard the halibut and salmon are amazing!





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