Virtual Book Tours, Music, and Free Books!

Disclaimer: Today, this is more of a music/book blog than a food blog; I’m in the middle of a virtual book tour, loving today’s stop at BooksChatter, and want to share with you the great job they do incorporating playlists into the tour.


Squash Blossoms, too, were an inspiration.

I shared with them the songs that inspired me while writing the novel, SIMMER AND SMOKE, and they compiled a playlist after my interview. And that first song–Ella Mae; I must have listened to it a zillion times while writing the book. I still cry every time I hear it. Click the BooksChatter link, scroll down and listen–if you like folk music, it’s the first song on the list.

News: My agent, Wendy Sherman, called last week with a book deal from Lake Union Publishing, they want to buy Simmer and Smoke and give me an advance to write a second book within the year. Lake Union is one of Amazon Publishing House’s latest imprints.

IMG_3306I’ve had the door slammed in my face for years trying to sell this book. I’m very grateful. (Maybe winning 1st Place Fiction in the 2015 Royal Dragonfly awards had something to with it.) But my advise to anyone involved in any creative endevor is to follow your heart, massaging, pampering and loving your baby even if no one looks at it but you.

So to celebrate and spread my gratitude, I’m giving a free kindle edition of the book away to anyone who’d like a copy. No scam. No selling your e-mail address to anyone, I promise. (Notice the lack of ads and solicitations on this blog?) Just comment below that you’d like one. Wednesday, January 27, will be the last day I’ll distribute the freebies.



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