Michigan Beaches, Strawberry S’mores and a Goodreads Giveaway

Michigan’s underrated. Some of us have long known that to be fact and now Thrilllist  agrees. In “The Definitive and Final Ranking of all 50 States”, Michigan was recently pronounced the best state to live “…ranking the states on everything”. And I quote:

 “…Did you know Michigan has more coastline than any state other than Alaska? Did you know it has such an embarrassment of beer riches that you can easily hit Bell’s and Founders in the same afternoon? Did you know the UP is so remote and uniquely beautiful that it almost feels like a secret 51st state where they inexplicably love British meat pies?”

(The other state I call home, Alabama, was ranked #29, a bit better than middling, the state highly applauded for figuring out a way to work mayonnaise into its barbecue. But Bama-land is not where I want to be in the dog days of summer. Hell––emphasize HELL––no. Steamy, sticky 100 degree days with 100% humidity; calling Alabama in August sultry would be like calling Marilyn Monroe, Norma Jeane Mortenson.)

s'mores cookbook

So what better way to celebrate Michigan’s gorgeous shorelines than with beach fires and s’mores. I was recently gifted a marshmallow stick set I’d been coveting with a companion s’more cookbook.

What an inspiration! S’mores with a cream cheese and Limoncello base? S’mores with Vodka Jell-O shots? Kahlua Brownie S’mores? We’re not talking child’s play.


Strawberry S'mores

Strawberry S’mores

No fire pit?  Any ole’ grill will do. I made author Becky Rasmussen’s recipe for Strawberry Cream Cheese S’mores with Champagne, omitting the Champagne part; I was responsible for 5 small children.

An official recipe is not needed. Simply spread cream cheese over your graham cracker, substitute sliced strawberries for the expected chocolate bar and slam a couple of well-done marshmellows on top. Done. Good eatin’.

Fun recipes and reads; for me, those two things best complement a Michigan summer sky. Feeling pinched? Goodreads has a very cool feature called “Giveaways” that gives away free books in raffles.

In fact, there is a Goodreads Giveaway currently running on my just published  “Simmer and Smoke“.  No gimmicks. Promise. Just click the “Enter Giveaway” link below, leave your e-mail address, and I’ll send you a book if you’re one of the twenty folks that Goodreads alerts me have won. To date, 519 folks have entered so your odds are 1 in 26. Not bad.

Better than Vegas.

Simmer and Smoke by Peggy Lampman
Simmer and Smoke: A Southern Tale of Grit and Spice
by Peggy Lampman (Goodreads Author)

Release date: Jun 25, 2015
(Just Released!) SOMEONE’S COOKING IN THE KITCHEN…DESIRE IS SMOKING ON THE STOVE.Kirkus Reviews on this delicious read: “A poor country girl and a fa…more

Giveaway ends in: 14 days and 10:19:47

Availability: 20 copies available, 519 people requesting

Giveaway dates: Aug 05 – Aug 25, 2015

Countries available:US, CA, and GB more

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