Quinoa with Roasted Vegetables

Quinoa with Roasted Vegetables

Quinoa. Considered a sacred grain, sustained the Inca civilization for thousands of years. It’s sustained my family through the years as well.  If an evening menu is “less than healthy”, I quickly cook a side of quinoa and wash away any maternal guilt I may have regarding  the chicken nuggets.

No matter how you pronounce it, quinoa (KEEN-wa) should be a pantry staple in everyone’s kitchen. I wonder why this powerhouse doesn’t share the popularity of rice or potatoes on our dinner plate? Whole grain quinoa contains more protein than any grain, and the protein supplied includes all nine essential amino acids’s. Moreover it’s just as easy to prepare and the “poppy” texture and nutty flavor are incomparable.

Like a sponge, quinoa absorbs the flavors of the roasted vegetables in this recipe and I love the fresh sunny flavor of the lemony vinaigrette.  Freshly boiled or roasted corn off the cob is also great in this dish.  There is something about the texture of corn combined with quinoa that offers up a tasty bite everyone enjoys.

Of course you can find great seasonal and local vegies for this salad at the Farmer’s Market, roadside stands and your local grocery’s produce departments.  Through Sunday of this week, Kroger’s has a sale on assorted colored bell peppers(three for a buck) and zucchini and yellow squash are only $.79# (these prices available only with a Kroger card.)

Recipe: Quinoa with Roasted Vegetables


  • 1 eggplant
  • 1 red pepper, halved lengthwise, seeds and ribs removed
  • 1 zucchini
  • 1 yellow squash
  • 3 whole garlic cloves
  • 1 cup dry whole grain quinoa
  • 3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • 1 cups coarsely chopped fresh basil


  1. Preheat oven to 425˚
  2. Lightly oil a large baking sheet. Slice eggplant, red pepper, zucchini and squash lengthwise, and place face down on baking sheet. Roast vegetables for 10 minutes. Then, add garlic cloves to pan and remove any vegetables that are tender. Roast an additional 5-10 minutes, periodically removing vegetables when they are tender. When cool enough to handle, mince garlic and dice vegetables into 1-inch pieces.
  3. Cook quinoa according to package instructions (I prefer using chicken or vegetable stock in place of the water).
  4. Whisk together lemon juice, oil, roasted garlic and basil. Toss with quinoa and roasted vegetables. Season to taste with kosher salt and freshly ground basil. Serve.

Time: 30 minutes

Number of servings (yield): 4-6

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