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Caprese Pesto Burgers

Hamburgers are an affectionate memoir of the 20th century American appetite, recalling backyard barbecues, squirt bottles of ketchup, and thighs sticking to vinyl in a small-town diner. There’s no stopping the free-wheeling burger, and in the spirit of free enterprise, empires continue to be built in the 21st century upon our insatiable, unblushing appetite for … Full recipe post »

Basil Pesto Shrimp and Pasta

Even the pickiest eaters, or those folks who steer clear of any dish that sounds “foreign”, enjoy this recipe. Perhaps because the name pesto has so morphed into American food nomenclature, some may not know it’s an Italian classic. Unfortunately much of what’s out there — little jars on grocery shelves, fast-food chains using the name to … Full recipe post »

Putting up Pesto

Envision that first January freeze when you’re reaching for the phone for carryout pizza. Now picture this: You’re reaching, instead, into the freezer to thaw some savory September pesto “cubes” to complement your pasta dinnner! Most years I can carve out time to preserve the season’s bounty in Bell jars. Not this year. I plan … Full recipe post »