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Favorite recipes are passed on – parent to child, friend to friend, link to link – forming chains, finally morphing into a recipe bearing little resemblance to it’s original creation. I love these recipe chains and am always adding another link – substituting or adding seasonal ingredients, for instance – to the recipe.

Comment sections are a wonderful means of adding additional links, and food-lovers (such as yourself) are an integral part of my chain. Hearing from you and learning how you personalize a recipe is what cranks my cranker.

With a sauté pan in one hand, camera in the other, and a looming deadline in the back of my brain, I need to use what little computer time I have to converse in this site’s public comment forum, sharing notes with everyone. I’d be honored if you shared an idea or question in the comment section on any one of my recipes. And, of course, I love reading my e-mails.