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Garfagnana,Tuscany: Farro Soup

A couple of weeks ago I described (in a tiny chestnut shell), my recent trip to visit a friend in Lucca, Italy. I spoke of our hike north of Lucca in the Garfagnana, where the landscape was dotted with chestnut hunters, and made a pasta dish using Michigan chestnuts when I arrived home.  While at … Full recipe post »

Turkey Quinoa Soup

You may be reading this after having completed the annual Turkey Trot in Ann Arbor or Detroit. (For those unfamiliar with this particular 5 or 10K run, it’s held every Thanksgiving— in Detroit, prior to the Thanksgiving Day Parade.) Pat yourself on the back; you deserve another piece of pie. More than likely, however, your race course has … Full recipe post »

Buffalo Chicken and Pasta Casserole

One way to quieten me is by placing a plate of greasy, meaty Buffalo Chicken Wings, blue cheese dressing paired with celery sticks, and a jar of Franks Red Hot under my nose. You won’t hear a word until there’s a plate of bones by my side, and I don’t like sharing. Problem is, a … Full recipe post »

Tomato-Zucchini Soup

I purchased a tiny tomato cookbook at a library sale last summer — I still prefer illustrated cookbooks to recipes I find online. I much prefer working from pulp than electronics; the recipes seem better tested. The author made a commitment to publishing, thus acknowledging the inability to make corrections at a later date. This book is … Full recipe post »

Corn & Tomato Farrosotto

Debbie Swartz is a wise person; I’m lucky she’s my friend. And — as all good and wise friends do — she helps me maintain a healthy perspective. If I bemoan, for instance, my inability to secure the button on the waistline of my favorite shorts after the previous night’s cherry pie pig-out, she cocks … Full recipe post »

Marty’s Nutty Blueberry & Bran Yoga Muffins

If you read my column, you may think that I breathe, sleep and live for my next recipe, which is not entirely accurate. I also consider the most entertaining and efficient way of burning calories from the food I consume, and a bonus is discovering a recipe that’s yummy, healthy, and will provide sustained energy throughout … Full recipe post »

Tomato Bulgur Salad

What could be more satisfying on a sweltering summer day than a dish of tomato and whole grain salad liberally seasoned with a citrusy dressing and copious amount of fresh herbs. Nothing, I tell ‘ya, nothing. Certainly this recipe would be a welcome accompaniment to anything you put on the grill, but it stands alone with a crusty baguette … Full recipe post »

Chilled Pea and Lettuce Soup with Fresh Herbs

I present to you a Pea and Lettuce Soup, inspired by kitchen gardens, a stroll through the farmers market, and a recipe I found online. This is the perfect soup for early June, when the season’s last lettuces are harvested, herbs need pinching back and summer peas hold promise on the vine. Adaptability is one of … Full recipe post »

Curried Couscous-Lentil Salad with Roasted Sweet Potatoes

What’s that? Black sesame seeds in the dry arborio rice? On closer inspection, it turns out these odd black specks in the rice have tiny wings. Ick! Pantry Pests! If you’re not ruthless using up half-filled containers of grains, wheat and legumes in storage, and don’t keep them in air-tight containers (guilty!) – sometimes these … Full recipe post »

Roasted Poblano and Sweet Potato Enchiladas with Black Beans and Sweet Fruit Salsa

Tortillas may be one of the first items us “north of the border” folks think of when referring to Mexican food. The word means “little cake” and that’s what they are: a flat unleavened round of corn or wheat flour. Tortillas rival pasta in terms of popularity in America. Perhaps, like noodles, it’s because of their versatility; … Full recipe post »

Double Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Strawberry Syrup

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and what mom wouldn’t be thrilled to have Double-Chocolate Chip Pancakes oozing with Strawberry Syrup served to her. Decadent? You bet. Healthy? You can check off that category, too. For this is, indeed, a super-food recipe for super-moms; the ingredient list is chocked full of such nutrient rich, power-house fare, mom … Full recipe post »

Papparadelle Alfredo with Chicken & Broccoli (reduced-fat)

Coat weather’s history and sweater season’s vanishing, but – sadly – my winter gut remains. So I’ve been upping my crunches, pounding the pavement, and hitting the gym on a more consistent basis, sharing dumbbells with folks in the same “banish the jiggle” mode as myself. Literally. Cathy Banish, a good friend and fellow gym … Full recipe post »

Lemony Farro Risotto with Currants, Pine Nuts and Spinach

April is the cruelest of mistresses. Smelling of sweet hyacinth, she frolics into our lives in a golden glow of forsythia and daffodils. Falling captive to her spell, we remove our sweaters, basking in her warmth, only to have her demands of ransom when our guard is down. Mid-April is upon us and our taxes … Full recipe post »

Lemony Quinoa and Chickpea Salad with Crunchy Vegetables

I’m craving a detox something or other to balance the exigencies surrounding Drew’s 2nd birthday celebration yesterday.  Grilled burgers and brats set the stage. The juicy brats had that crispy skin, which snapped back when you bit it – how could I not have a second? The meal was topped off with mint chocolate chip … Full recipe post »

Roasted Curried Cauliflower Salad with Grapes and Almonds

A friend of mine (who prefers anonymity) recently gave me a copy of this recipe, which she enjoyed. It looked healthy, fresh and flavor-packed – a wonderful complement to the weather we’re having. She said the ingredients seemed strange together so she thought of me… (strange – me?!) I modified the recipe, removing capers, substituting … Full recipe post »