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Tempura Asparagus Spears with Wasabi Dipping Sauce

It’s asparagus season; when Michigan’s brave warriors thrust their helmeted heads through the dirt, hoping a late frost doesn’t blindside them. So my ammunition’s at-the-ready – a battery of recipes that will maximize the bounty through the middle of June. I can blanch, then wrap them in proscuitto; stuff them into an omelet; make a … Full recipe post »

Lemony Farro Risotto with Currants, Pine Nuts and Spinach

April is the cruelest of mistresses. Smelling of sweet hyacinth, she frolics into our lives in a golden glow of forsythia and daffodils. Falling captive to her spell, we remove our sweaters, basking in her warmth, only to have her demands of ransom when our guard is down. Mid-April is upon us and our taxes … Full recipe post »

Polish-Stuffed Easter Eggs

Easter is this Sunday.  For some of us, this holiday is a time for introspection, renewal and growth; as a shovel dug deep, tilling the the earth, in preparation for planting seeds. It’s also a time for honoring family traditions with special dishes. The following recipe is my new Easter tradition and I intend to … Full recipe post »

Baked Turnips stuffed with Blue Cheese, Mushrooms and Walnuts

Michigan in March with temperatures close to eighty – say what?! I haven’t had a chance to wear my cute furry boots – and now I’m thinking, where are my shorts. The grass is green, and flowers are blooming – should I be planting lettuce? I’m sure not complaining, but something’s not jiving. The forecast … Full recipe post »

Roasted Curried Cauliflower Salad with Grapes and Almonds

A friend of mine (who prefers anonymity) recently gave me a copy of this recipe, which she enjoyed. It looked healthy, fresh and flavor-packed – a wonderful complement to the weather we’re having. She said the ingredients seemed strange together so she thought of me… (strange – me?!) I modified the recipe, removing capers, substituting … Full recipe post »

Baby Bok Choy in Oyster Sauce

Here’s a healthy, vegetarian recipe to usher in the Chinese New Year on Monday. When I’m craving food with a lighter touch, I often turn to braising or steaming. I didn’t use so much as a drop of oil when making tonight’s dinner. I used carrots in the recipe because, basically, I have them to … Full recipe post »

Carrot Soup with Thai Flavors

Hey readers. It’s me — Peggy. I feel so alone. Like I’m penning scriptures to roll into a bottle, then cast into the ocean for some lonely heart to read. Could that lonely heart be you? Are you actually out there reading — gasp — a food blog? And after the exigencies of Thanksgiving, no less. Don’t … Full recipe post »

Baked Apples stuffed with Orange-Scented Sweet Potatoes

Life is complex; these days, more so than ever. Planning my family’s Thanksgiving dinner provides an escape hatch, if only for a moment. I can contemplate menu challenges instead of what course America should take to balance the budget. For instance, my husband, Richard, wants mashed sweet potatoes and the kids want yukon golds. Two potatoes are … Full recipe post »

Northern India Cooking Class: Lesson 2: Cauliflower (Phool Gobi)

Note: This is the second of seven recipe installments, which compose a classic Northern Indian Feast. Fine Indian cuisine is not noted for its brevity. The good news is that each of Achla Karnani’s recipes may be made well in advance, then reheated prior to serving. Or divide the recipes amongst your friends, staging your own … Full recipe post »

September’s Last Stand Vegetable Basket

In late September, produce stands heave under the weight of the season’s largess. While one hand clutches a bunch of beets, the other grasps a bag of green beans, carrots and eggplant — and the lure of the September siren entices you to keep spending. With remorse, you cut yourself off, nodding at the beauties … Full recipe post »

Grilled Portabella Mushroom Burgers with Goat Cheese

Even carnivores love these mushroom burgers–especially stuffed with cheese.  Whatever cheese you have on hand should work fine, goat cheese is a personal favorite.  To start, begin grilling the mushrooms gill side down.  When the mushrooms are just tender, turn over and place cheese inside each cap.  It will melt as the mushroom top grills … Full recipe post »

Roasted Beet and Beet Green Salad

This recipe calls for using beets and their greens; such a pity to let the flavorful greens go to waste. Beet greens, however, are often tattered and bedraggled, more of a nuisance than they are worth. For this dish, look for bunches of beets that have nice fresh beet greens attached; the more beet greens the better! This … Full recipe post »

Grilled Zucchini and Red Pepper Roll-Ups with Goat Cheese

Pity the zucchini. Yesterday’s Farmers Market witnessed kids pointing and sniggering at one gargantuan, misshapen beast. My impulse was to drape my sweater over its lizard-like skin to avoid it suffering further indignities. The indecisive days between summer and fall, shifting from swollen heat to bracing winds, produce these overfed contortionists — a far cry … Full recipe post »

Grilled Mexican Street Corn

My oh my, – pass the napkins, please! I’ve eaten a lot of corn in my day, but never have I ever before savored such a decked-out, delicious ear. My friend and fellow food lover, Pat Shure — a retired University of Michigan math department lecturer — sent me the recipe. How could I pass this up, especially with … Full recipe post »

Fried Green Tomatoes with a Tomato-Corn Relish

I’ve leftover relish from yesterday’s Grilled White Fish with Tomato-Caper recipe. I spy fat green tomatoes hanging heavy on the vine and am confident the leftover relish would be superb with the classic Southern specialty, Fried Green Tomatoes. I only have a several tablespoons of the relish left, so I blanched an ear of corn to bolster … Full recipe post »