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Chicken and Tasso Jambalaya

This recipe is a simplified adaptation from Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen cookbook. Remember, it’s easier to add salt and various peppers than it is to take them out; right near impossible, as a matter of fact. Tasso is a highly seasoned Cajun smoked ham and is  a big workhorse, as far as flavor enhancements, … Full recipe post »

Kitchen Sink Skillet Pasta Supper

For anyone who likes good food, hates waste and has little time to cook, something similar to this dish is more than likely in your repertoire. It basically doesn’t require a recipe; boil pasta in a pot, cook leftover proteins and vegetables in a skillet, toss together and serve. The recipe below was pretty darn … Full recipe post »

Holiday Chicken Roulade

If you were one  of those kids who loved playing with their dinner–organizing peas and carrots  into tidy little rows, for instance– you will enjoy making Chicken Roulade. If you are an adult who appreciates a deliciously elegant presentation with minimal budgetary stress, you will also enjoy making this dish. It’s easier than you’d  think, … Full recipe post »

Holiday Leftover Enchiladas

Happy Thanksgiving! Before I express all the reasons I’m thankful, I’ve got a slogan of the day for Thanksgiving cooks across the land. Repeat after me: “This spatula is not a magic wand!” As you’re reading this, I’m likely waving the spatula around my head, shouting these words, and spinning around the kitchen like a … Full recipe post »

Roasted Turkey Breast with Cranberry Jus

A “Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving” suggests a variety of images to Americans. For some, it’s a reassuring message of anticipating a better future in difficult times. For others, Rockwell’s famous painting of a family Thanksgiving tableau is pure paradoxical kitsch. Taking a closer look at the 1943 “Freedom from Want” painting, we observe Grandpa hovering above … Full recipe post »

Roasted Chicken and Spinach Lasagna

Looking for ideas for the upcoming holidays? Consider clicking the holiday cookbook : “Thankful for Food” Holiday Collection 50+ Festive dinnerFeed Recipe Suggestions I’ve friends coming to dinner, and one poor soul can’t tolerate onions, even cooked. And nope. You can’t sneak ’em into the recipe or use leeks instead. I’ve tried and really felt bad when … Full recipe post »

Make-Ahead Gravy

There’s a reason I’m making this gravy ahead of time and it’s called survival.  There are too many last minute details prior to getting Thanksgiving on the table and I’m delighted to be able to cross gravy off the list. I purchased turkey wings and roasted them in the oven to make an authentic stock. … Full recipe post »

Apricot-Mustard Braised Grouse

One of the highlights of Autumn, for me, is a dinner of fresh game birds accompanied by wild rice and roasted sweet potatoes. My grandfather was a hunter and, growing up, I regularly feasted on game birds.  We were admonished to chew the meat slowly, thus avoiding pellets. That fear of chipping a tooth was … Full recipe post »

Lemon-Dill Chicken Thighs with Artichokes

Looking for ideas for the upcoming holidays? Consider clicking the holiday cookbook : “Thankful for Food” Holiday Collection 50+ Festive dinnerFeed Recipe Suggestions Here’s an easy recipe delivering bright, sunny Mediterranean flavors on a chilly November day. The only real time commitment is the marinating, which is important to the success of the dish. I love juicy … Full recipe post »

Baked Peaches with Savory Ground Turkey

August air hangs heavy, the torpor of late-day humidity enveloping like an unwanted quilt. The added heat of culinary pursuits is a topic best avoided. Until supper time. You could refrain from cooking altogether. What better way to avoid the kitchen than by savoring a perfectly ripened peach? Biting into the slightly acidic, heavenly sweet … Full recipe post »

Grilled Duck with Cherry Sauce

I’d guess most states in America have several sources of mouth-watering, municipal pride – a local food lover’s destination, perhaps, or culinary product the citizenry reference with great passion. In one state, for instance, the locals may point you in the direction of a barbecue joint, and tell you their pulled pork sandwich was voted … Full recipe post »

Curried Mango Chicken Salad

I have a weakness for mangos. I love their intense, juicy flavor and often incorporate them into summer salads, salsas, quesadillas and margaritas.  Their natural sweetness provides a welcome balance, as well, with a spicy curry. At this time of the year, mangos are frequently on sale. But peeling a mango may be off-putting for … Full recipe post »

Moroccan Chicken, Chickpeas and Apricots

One could make the argument that this recipe is as authentic to Morocco as the film shoot location of the movie “Casablanca,” which was primarily filmed on the Warner Bros.’ Southern California lot. I didn’t use a tagine (clay pot) to make the recipe and I didn’t shop in a souk (Moroccan market) for my spices. I used instant … Full recipe post »

My Favorite Turkey Burger

I’d never refer to “My Favorite ” anything unless it’s the truth (although you’d never hear me tell anyone about My Favorite Child or My Favorite Friend, even if it were the truth). But this is truly my favorite turkey burger recipe. I have another great turkey burger recipe that incorporates olives, sun-dried tomatoes and … Full recipe post »

Chicken and Morels over Wild Mushroom Fettucine

Come mid-May, my palate stings for the woodsy taste and inimitable bite of freshly picked Michigan morels. This wizened druid of a fungi has an elusive flavor, hinting of forest, earth and rain. It’s a flavor that will, sadly, vanish if carelessly handled. Every May, hordes of Michiganders head for the forest, especially after a … Full recipe post »