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Classic Bouillaibaisse

Visualize you’re in Marseilles, France, the gateway to Provence and largest seaport town on the Mediterranean coastline. You listen to the clamor of seaport sounds in Vieux Port and the swell of the sea on the scraggly shoreline; you gaze at the sky as dusk turns the heavenly azure a fiery red; finally you savor … Full recipe post »

Pozole (Traditional Mexican Soup )

I get so busy and wrapped up in my own holiday traditions and special foods, I have to remind myself this is a special season, as well, in much of the world. In some countries Christmas and Chanukah are the focal points of the season, in other countries it may be New Years or Twelfth … Full recipe post »

Tuscan Tomato Soup with White Beans, Kale and Sausage

The cuisine of Tuscany was borne of frugality; likewise the cuisine of Peggy Lampman. After yesterday’s savory (yet pricey) lamb chop indulgence, I’ll balance the coffers with a dinner of soup–most of the ingredients found in my kitchen. This Tuscan Soup is a winter staple as it comes together very quickly, is healthy and delicious, … Full recipe post »

Split Pea Soup

Late November days, often with fog as “thick as pea soup”, give way to split pea soup cravings. After Thanksgiving exigencies, I am happy to rein it in with a simple supper of split pea soup and bread. Growing up in the American South, I savored ham hocks that were used abundantly to season greens, … Full recipe post »

Savory Turkey Soup, using Thanksgiving leftovers

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for so many blessings but at this moment I’m most thankful to relax. I can put up my feet, savor another pomegranate cocktail and watch good-boy hubbie  clean the kitchen. Sigh – not just yet. Richard’s gripping that picked-plucked turkey in a vice, making moves to discard it in the … Full recipe post »

Sweet Potato-Pear Soup

This soup is the quintessential taste of fall, the sweetness of the pears delicately balancing the subtle earthiness of the sweet potato. The sweet potato and pear are both in the peak of season now, their natural flavors enhancing each other beautifully. Sweet potatoes, native to Central America, are one of the oldest vegetables known … Full recipe post »

Turkish Lentil Soup with Roasted Eggplant and Yogurt

There are 195 countries in this world, give or take a few. I’ve only explored a small percentage of this number and yearn to visit many more before hanging my hat. Therefore, I don’t plan on much back-tracking. Turkey, however, remains an exception. Certainly it was the exotica, the stunning landscape and fascinating history that … Full recipe post »

Curried Beef Stew in a Pumpkin Shell

Serving this soup in a pumpkin shell is not essential to the recipe, it’s a fine recipe served simply in a bowl. But what could be more festive to the season than serving a rich beef stew–or any thick soup or stew–in a pumpkin shell? I served this in small, individual pie pumpkin shells but … Full recipe post »

Portabella Mushroom-Barley Soup

We owe a big thanks to barley. Indeed, our very evolution evolved, was sustained and nourished by barley crops. The world’s oldest grain, barley remnants have been culled from the “plates” of ancient man. Though the major use of barley today is in the production of alcoholic beverages, mineral and fiber-rich barley is considered one … Full recipe post »

Roasted Autumn Vegetable Soup with Apples

The Challenge: To devise recipe plans for 3 consecutive, healthy meals (each serving 4), under $30.00 total cost, spending less than 30 minutes active prep time per recipe to make each meal. Today I am finishing off the leftover’s from Sunday’s “mother” recipe (see Roast Chicken and Autumn Vegetables) with this superb taste of Autumn … Full recipe post »