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Baked Teriyaki Halibut with Bok Choy

Shopping at Whole Foods, I noticed the halibut in their fish counter looked particularly enticing. The clerk told me it had just arrived. The price tag said “on sale” so I snatched a piece. It’s still a pricey fish, even on sale, so why would I compromise the natural flavors by marinating such a lovely … Full recipe post »

Spring Green Risotto

I began making risotto back in the early ’80s, and there was — and still is — a great deal of mystique surrounding the dish. First, I was warned to never stop stirring. I must stir the risotto constantly or a disastrous mass of glutinous rice stuck to a burned pot would be inevitable. That’s … Full recipe post »

Perfectly Cooked Artichoke

I’m grilling flank steaks — nothing fancy, but I had to think ahead and marinate them overnight. The artichokes are looking quite tempting in area groceries, and when I make artichokes, I also plan ahead. The following recipe is a bit quirky; I’ve never seen or heard of anyone preparing them like this, but it is … Full recipe post »

Asian Pork with Stir-Fried Asparagus

I picked up a pound of pre-packed, 1/4-inch thick pork cutlets at Trader Joe’s and a container of shiitake mushrooms. I had asparagus in my fridge, sweet bell peppers that had seen better days and voila: faster than take-out, less expensive, much less fat and twice as good. Chicken breast or thigh strips, or sliced … Full recipe post »

Caldo Verde (Portuguese Potato and Kale Soup)

Lest you be reminded, this Monday is the cruelest of days — April 18, tax day — time to shore-up your dollars and cents; time to organize the deductibles, scrambling to save every blessed last dime; but there he is, knocking at the door, there’s no place to hide — it’s time to feed the … Full recipe post »

Black Bean and Mango Salad

Here’s a healthy, versatile and easy to throw together salad. It could stand alone as a light vegetarian supper, or it may be kicked up into heftier fare: spoon it into a tortilla, add some grated cheddar, fold over, then pan fry or bake it. The salad could  also be bulked up with the addition … Full recipe post »

Turkey: Eggplant Stuffed with Lamb (Karniyarik)

In past years, I’ve mollified Michigan winters with trips to flavorful destinations, a country’s cuisine inspiring my travels. One birthday, for instance, a friend gave me a collection of Turkish spices — four months later I was waking at dawn to the “call to prayer” in Istanbul. Turkey is a swirling dervish of a landscape, … Full recipe post »

Good and Quick Chicken Chili

Not a white chili, not a red chili — it’s more of an orange chili, and it’s the fastest chili I’ve ever made. I had an hour, in between the gym and a kid’s hockey game, and needed to feed the gang before we left. I purchased an unfamiliar Better Than Bouillon Chili base. Sure, stock bases … Full recipe post »

Eight-Treasure Fried Rice

Mark your calendars; Chinese New Year,The Year of the Rabbit, officially begins next week, Feb. 3. According to the website Chinese Zodiac/Rabbit, people born in the Year of the Rabbit (1915, 1927, 1939, 1951,1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011)are articulate, talented and ambitious. Rabbit people are also virtuous, reserved and have excellent taste. I have several … Full recipe post »

Southwest Corn and Zucchini Fritters

Zucchini is one vegetable that never lets me down, especially in winter months. I rarely have trouble locating zucchini that’s reasonably fresh in most markets in town. Finding decent corn is a bit “iffy,” but feel free to substitute frozen corn (thawed and well-drained) in this recipe. I found this recipe for a Southwest version … Full recipe post »

Kitchen Sink Skillet Pasta Supper

For anyone who likes good food, hates waste and has little time to cook, something similar to this dish is more than likely in your repertoire. It basically doesn’t require a recipe; boil pasta in a pot, cook leftover proteins and vegetables in a skillet, toss together and serve. The recipe below was pretty darn … Full recipe post »

Braised Tofu over Bok Choy

Today I’m riffling for recipes as far away from Thanksgiving as I can get. “Just say no” to poultry; “Just say no” to root vegetables or anything seasoning with sage. I want to be craving these flavors come Turkey Day, not bored with them. I’m also looking for low caloric recipes, so I can “bank” my calories … Full recipe post »

Balsamic Red Cabbage

This is a great vegetable side dish for a number of holiday menus. Roast goose, pork and rouladen (German beef rolls) are a few items that come to mind. I’m planning on making rouladen and am experimenting with a lightened-up version of the red cabbage I usually make. Everyone adores this cabbage dish, but it calls … Full recipe post »

Chili Peppers stuffed with Queso Fresco & Cheddar

We played chili pepper roulette last night. I purchased two types of peppers, red and green-festive for the holiday’s. My brother, sister-in-law and niece weren’t sure what degree of heat we’d get until we bit into it each one. They were much hotter than I thought they’d be-capsaicinoids sparked pain receptors, then kicked off endorphins-it’s … Full recipe post »

Corn Pudding with Cheddar and Bacon

I’ll start with the disclaimers: The following recipe is subject to family discretion. It contains ingredient materials (such as butter, cream and bacon) which may be offensive to some viewers. It also contains canned cream corn along with the fresh, which I once tried omitting. The result lacked the familiar creamy texture that my family … Full recipe post »