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My world for a lentil.

Hello, Lentils? Hi. It’s me. Peggy. …Say what? I’ve fallen from your favor? Sorry I’ve been snubbing you for the past couple of months. But I’m needing—nay, craving—to have you back into my life. I’m done with wretched excess; the frothy creams, sumptuous sauces and trumped-up cocktails that caught my eye in December. I miss … Full recipe post »

Warm Lentil and Spinach Salad with Rosemary Vinaigrette

What a welcome blast of Spring! My palate is casting aside prior cravings for rich, comfort food and yearning –instead – for a savory nutritious salad. Many, many years ago I remember eating a lentil dish at a local restaurant. It was deliciously simple, seasoned with balsamic  vinegar and fresh rosemary. I’ve always loved it … Full recipe post »

Peggy Lampman’s Holiday Cookbook

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