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Ultimate grilled buffalo steak with crushed peppercorn crust

Every year on my birthday I receive a birthday steak from a family member. It’s a family tradition that began with my grandmother some 50 years back, and though she’s since departed, giving a steak as a birthday present remains our custom to this day. My birthday coincided with a friend, Wendy Williams, advising me … Full recipe post »

Beef Brisket Tacos with Grilled Onions & Poblanos

I’m the grill-master in my family; my husband and kids know that the 8 feet of footage surrounding the Weber charcoal kettle and Jenn-Air gas are mine; no trespassing. That hasn’t dissuaded me from suggesting to my husband, Richard, that perhaps he’d like a Big Green Egg (an egg-shaped barbecue smoker) for Father’s Day. After all, I’ve been coveting one for … Full recipe post »

Smoked Barbecued Brisket with Grilled Poblanos & Onions

I appreciate a 3-ingredient, quick-to-assemble supper just as much as you, and this recipe is certainly not that. But it’d be a crying shame to look a gift steer in the mouth. Back in June, I’d received a brisket certificate from Downtown Home & Garden (part of their Big Green Egg package), which I recently redeemed at Knight’s Market. This … Full recipe post »

Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Romesco Sauce

Romesco, romesco where have you been all my life? What’s not to love about a piquant and savory sauce whose primary ingredients are sweet, juicy tomatoes and red bell peppers – especially in September, when these vegetables are at their peak in Michigan. And your waistline will surely appreciate a lusciously rich sauce that’s thickened … Full recipe post »

Grilled Duck with Cherry Sauce

I’d guess most states in America have several sources of mouth-watering, municipal pride – a local food lover’s destination, perhaps, or culinary product the citizenry reference with great passion. In one state, for instance, the locals may point you in the direction of a barbecue joint, and tell you their pulled pork sandwich was voted … Full recipe post »

Perfectly Grilled Steak

When I was growing up, I knew the most appreciated present I could buy a family member was a well-marbled, 1 1/4-inch, bone-in steak. After carefully selecting the meat, I’d wrap it in paper, festive to the occasion, tie it with a bow, then hide the beef in the refrigerator. My grandmother, in particular, appreciated … Full recipe post »

Grilled Eggplant and Shiitake Mushrooms over Brown Rice

If this were January, I’d be stir-frying the eggplant and mushrooms, but July insists I use the grill. It’s a rushed day so I’ll be using gas. If you’ve the time, smoking the veggies over coals and hardwood would add depth and another layer of flavor to the pungency of eggplant and shiitakes. I peeled … Full recipe post »

Grilled Lamb & Eggplant with Sorrel Sauce

What’s with the sweaters and umbrellas? Brrrr. Into the middle of August, some of us feel ripped off by summer. My garden sorrel disagrees. Like lettuce, sorrel is a cool-weather crop, and the sorrel I purchased in early May at The Produce Station is loving these damp days and below-average temperatures. Without a hint of bolting, it’s gifted me several batches … Full recipe post »

Grilled Tuscan Steak

As evenings grow shorter and cool winds disperse the last perfumes of summer, I’m reminded The Ozone House dinner, “An Evening at the Farmers Market,” is just around the corner. The open-air feast will be held this year on Friday, Sept. 7 at 6 p.m., served beneath lights strung high above tables set with wildflowers, … Full recipe post »

Super-Simple Turkey Breast (grilled or roasted)

Like any circus performer worth their salt, I’m quite adept at juggling my one oven, outdoor grill and toaster oven when entertaining. Thanksgiving is the one day of the year I drop the ball, lusting after that second oven to bake casseroles and pies as my turkey roasts. I don’t like my menu dictated by … Full recipe post »

Pork Tenderloin with Grilled Pineapple Salsa

Cinco de Mayo, Spanish for the “fifth of May,” is celebrated next week, often with food and spirits. Many cooks, therefore, will be sorting through their jumble of spices to liberate the cumin, chili powders, cinnamon and oregano — common seasonings of Mexican cuisine. I once assumed the holiday celebrated Mexico’s liberation from Spanish rule … Full recipe post »

Grilled Flank Steak Fajita Bar

What do you get when you combine a dozen or so hungry revelers, a bare bones, unfamiliar kitchen and a limited time to cook? A fajita party, which was the perfect solution for entertaining friends and family while vacationing in Northern Michigan. Fajitas, ubiquitous in Tex-Mex restaurant chains across America, are accommodating crowd pleasers. They … Full recipe post »

Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Salsa Verde

“What makes this sauce so tasty?” “Anchovies,” I replied. “But I don’t care for anchovies.” “Do you like Worcestershire Sauce sprinkled on a burger?” “Don’t tell me…” “You betcha. Anchovies are the secret weapon in Worcestershire Sauce. You love the taste of those furry little critters; you just don’t know it.” And so began the … Full recipe post »

Grilled Balsamic Lamb Chops

I think lamb is the most overlooked meat in America. It’s surprising because across the world its popularity far exceeds beef. In fact, savory lamb recipes are the staples of our planet’s oldest cooking traditions. If you don’t like lamb, maybe it’s  because you feel its fatty (it is) and tastes & gamey (it’s not, … Full recipe post »

Grilled Blueberry Bison Burgers

It’s interesting to contemplate those life-defining moments that may have influenced one’s destiny: Falling in love, having a child, receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. Sinking my teeth into a hamburger was one of my life-defining moments. I was a junior at Michigan; potential career directions were like arrows pointing every which way, including backwards. I … Full recipe post »